Kingston & Surbiton Pub Review 2002



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Willoughby Hartleys, ?? 27th December 2002 What a relief! The darts were flying straight and the butchers raffle was aborted due to illness. The only problem was that we forgot to leave. I guess they must have turned the clocks back without telling us. 8
Spring Grove Guinness 20th December 2002 Too tired to play darts was the verdict so a whole evening of rabbit was the outcome. The only trouble is I can't remember what we talked about so I guess we had better play darts next week. Oh yes! I did take a photo during the swimming curry Tony. 8
Wych Elm London Pride, HSB, Winter Ale 13th December 2002 Has my spelling become so bad that no one can read the pub name? Am I writing in Swahili? With John going to the Willoughby and many other unexpected no shows it must be a possibility. A more likely explanation however is my sudden and unexpected improvement in darts but that may be an illusion as the improvement always occurs as the evening wares on. 8
Lamb Old Speckled Hen 6th December 2002 Another evening of darts against the locals and we even managed to win a few games with some unlikely doubles. Which pubs darts team do we play for? 8
Kelly's Arms Jack O Legs 29th November 2002 You just can't beat a good Friday night in the Kelly's. With my darts returned to their rightful owner the Keith monopoly was well and truly broken. Even the  treble 20 had a hard time on occasions.  9
Waggon & Horses Young's or Guinness 22nd November 2002 A whole evening of darts and almost a whole evening of Keiths' finishing. What can I say except I need to find my darts soon. 8
Cricketers Spitfire, Courage Best and London Pride 15th November 2002 It makes a change to sit down and discuss the weeks events but the lack of a dart board caused some nervous fidgeting and the noise of live music was too much of a distraction. Under new management? The only change I spotted since our last visit was the lock on the door to the old public bar and some flowers on the tables. 7
Kelly's Arms Easy Rider 8th November 2002 Fatigue seemed to be setting in after pool, darts, table football and more darts and even the batteries on the camera ran out!  9
Willoughby Brains Skull Attack, Caledonian 80/- and Shepherd Neame Spitfire were OK for me. 1st November 2002 The Halloween Beer Festival no less. This really is a place to excite the senses. With Irish music in your ears, yachting on the box and beer to get the taste buds going nothing is left to chance apart from the weekly meat raffle. 8
Spring Grove Young's or Guinness 25th October 2002 Could the spluttering cough be an excuse or am I just useless at darts? They say practice makes perfect. Maybe that's why I always win the last game or maybe it's because everyone else has given up. Whatever, a few glasses of Guinness erases the memory very nicely thank you.  8
New Prince Gales Butser 18th October 2002 While the women perfected the art of gossip the chaps settled for a game of darts. They say you're only as good as your last game and that's especially true where darts and goalkeeping is concerned. The evening was wrapped up with a birthday curry and a special sitting for passport photos.   9
Wych Elm London Pride 11th October 2002 Has a darts revival started with the locals suddenly preferring it to a game of cards, domino's or back gammon? Surely the rejects influence hasn't reached this far. At least they haven't trained sufficiently to have the endurance to last the whole evening  I'm sure they're still talking about our less than impressive exhibition late on. Was the last dart of the evening really a bulls eye?  8
Victoria Young's or Guinness 4th October 2002 The punters have returned in bucket loads and it not the price of a pint which has attracted them back. The Young's formula is the same although they have introduced background music which can hardly be heard above the lively chatter. Maybe its Fame Academy on the TV which has driven everyone to drink. I can't believe they all came along to discover how a two stroke engine works! 7
Willoughby Landlord 27th Sept 2002 A poor turn out by the regulars could have been a disappointment but old friends came to the rescue to provide some much needed entertainment. 7
Waggon & Horses Young's or Guinness 20th Sept 2002 The Rejects cyling team discussed the best front and rear gear ratio combinations for cycling in the Shropshire hills and concluded that weight and training are the key factors. Unfortunately its not beer drinking training that's required.  8
Kelly's Arms Pigswill 13th Sept 2002 Best beer guide or not this is the place to be on a Friday night. Every visit throws up a surprise. Not content with finding the beer garden as Autumn arrives the darts team decided to invite Alan Sugar no less to a game. One would have thought his darts may be a little shaky with so little time to practice but he was still better than the rest of us.  9
Lamb Archers 6th Sept 2002 Autumnal temperatures sent us indoors for a game of darts with the locals. When things were looking hopeless the boy came good sending the curry eaters away with a smile on there faces. 7
Woodies London Pride, IPA, Summer Ale 30th August 2002 Could this be the last of the summer? A token slurp outside was followed by the comfort of a seat in the lounge. When it was looking like a quiet night those lulled into an early sleep were rudely awaken by a late flurry on the dartboard. 8
Spring Grove Young's or Guinness 23rd August 2002 Despite a protest of absence in favor of a less boisterous venue by some the darts were as bad as ever. This could not be blamed on the thru penny bits which resulted from a brief visit to Paris but may have been due to the volume of alcohol consumed. Lets hope televised football on a Friday night is not the future. 7
New Prince Gales Butser 16th August 2002 Who cared that the dart board was in use when we could sit outside on a warm summers evening beneath the stars. Brian may remember when Elvis died 25 years ago but when he can ride twice round the park in 38 minutes 46 can't be that old. A well deserved curry I feel. 8
Lamb/Black Lion/Waggon & Horses None/Young's or Guinness 9th August 2002 Who ever heard of a pub being closed for the summer holiday's? Well the Lamb was and the Black Lion should have been. With the smell of raw sewage wafting through the bar the only option was to divert to the tried and trusted Waggon. 0/5/8
None None 2nd August 2002 A well earned holiday for all 10
Park Tavern  /Alexandra  /Willoughby /Wych Elm Abbott /Bearskin? /Greene King /London Pride 26th July 2002 The 2 Keiths 5 pubs survey.  Unfortunately, due to early dithering at the Park Tavern and the need for an evening-concluding game of arrows in the Wych, only 4 pubs were surveyed (Richmond Park Tavern being the unlucky unvisited venue).  Pleasant weather, good variety of beer, reasonable pubs (the Willoughby in particular was buzzing) all that was missing was a few vacationing punters (KS) 7/6/8/7
Wych Elm Fullers London Pride 19th July 2002 A late start, a late finish and some unexpected guests. Just the place to while away your time on a summers evening but there no point in discussing who will win Le Tour. Lance has it sewn up already. 8
Spring Grove Young's Ordinary/Special, Guinness 12th July 2002 A welcome return to this top darts venue. It's only a pity there were no top dart players in attendance. This happy bunch did however try their best but all too often the chalker ran out of room on the score board. 8
Bricklayers Jubilee Ale 5th July 2002 The punters have returned and the ale is good so this would be a decent boozer if they moved the table away from the dart board. The question on everyone's lips of course is where was Tim Henman? Crying in his beer I hear you say but alas not in the Bricklayers. 7
Lamb Archers 28th June 2002 A top venue for a summers beer in the garden and a game of darts. Pity only one of us was in the zone! 8
Waggon & Horses Young's Ordinary/Special, Guinness 21st June 2002 What a wash out for mid summers day. Following England's disappointing exit from the world cup the heavens opened forcing us to move inside. Unfortunately the darts were as inept as England's second half performance. Was Keith's finish as lucky as Ronaldinho's goal or was I as unlucky as David Seaman? Who said Ronaldinho was useless anyway? 8
Willoughby Bomber, London Pride 14th June 2002 What happened? You remember going out for a quiet drink at the local with your husband but wake up with a monumental hang over and a joint of pork in the fridge.  Lets hope its not Danish bacon. Come on England. 7
Woodies London Pride, Summer Ale 7th June 2002 What else is there to do after a famous victory over Argentina but watch a rerun of the entire match while discussing the finer points of the game. I must have dreamt it. Whatever can be next? At least the darts are as inaccurate as ever. 8
King's Arms Sussex 31st May 2002 Well who recommended this? The only change in the last 10 years has been to remove the dart board. Since no one else seems to visit on Friday evenings this must be seen as a backward step. Overall a long way to travel for an expensive pint of beer I'd say. 6
Wych Elm Fullers London Pride 24th May 2002 It's good to get back to a pub with a dart board to pass the time and when your wayward dart bounces out of the board and lands at your feet so you pick it up and throw it in the treble twenty you know your luck is in. I guess that's what it's like to be in the zone if only for a moment. 9
New Prince Gales Butser, GB, HSB 17th May 2002 A three line whip for the birthday boys with an combined age of 136 caused a swell in the ranks to hear first hand, stories of how the intrepid Majorca explorers faired on their return. Darts were almost forgotten as the English ale flowed and Jackanory took control. Did Mike really sleep with Madonna? Only those who made the trip will really know. Of course a curry had to follow and they just managed to squeeze the full compliment in. 8
Mulligans Guinness 8th May 2002 A port in a storm, an oasis in a desert and doesn't the Guinness taste good. No wonder the locals flock to such watering holes. 9
Victoria Young's Ordinary/Special, Guinness 1st May 2002 It hard to fault a quite evening with a pint of Guinness to hand but the service was strangely slow. Maybe they needed to run up the road to the off license to get some wine in. Talk of illness causing absenteeism was quickly dismissed and clearly identified as an excuse for last minute training. Forget the drugs test, the evidence will be clear to see on the first hill. 7
Kelly's Arms Email's please? At 4.1% it was very good. 26th April 2002 At last a excellent Friday night out. Decent beer, pool, table football all topped off with an excellent curry. If we could find a way to dispense with the smell and the head ache we could do this every week. 9
Grove IPA, Guinness 19th April 2002 Some would say that a night on your own in the Spring Grove would be preferable and who could disagree. How can we waste our Friday nights in a place where the locals want to brawl and the music is just loud enough to ensure you can't hear the conversation? How can it be that a guy on the Austrian ski slops can subject us to this? Surely the voting system must be changed. 3
Swan IPA, Jennings 12th April 2002 Oh dear what a disappointment. How the lack of a free dart board can affect the evening and the chance of a future visit. It was suggested we may as well stay at home and get a few cans in. There may not be a pub atmosphere at home but the Swan hasn't much too offer either. I'm sorry but this pub won't get my vote next time. 5
Spring Grove Young's Ordinary/Special, Guinness 5th April 2002 Well, an exhibition of top quality darts this wasn't. The theory that more beer results in better darts obviously needs further examination. Compulsory practice for the darts team  next Friday at 9pm in the Swan. 8
Kelly's Arms Guinness 29th March 2002 Surely we have too few bank holidays already for the God squad to hijack them and enforce early closing. Still how can we complain when we are presented with pool played to such a high level. Picture this. You are standing smugly with Guinness in hand having left the white ball near the bottom corner pocket less than 1/2 an inch from the side cushion. Your red ball is sitting right over the middle pocket nicely snookering the black ball which is sitting in the jaws of the top pocket. The only possible outcome is a free shot which should allow you to win the game. After all a simple shot off the side pocket is not possible because the middle pocket prevents it. Up steps Keith and plays an outrageous massy. The ball swerves around your red clips the black into the pocket and the first game is over. Ten games later the score is 6-5 and you have lost. You think back. That was the shot that counted. Lets play darts next week. 8
New Prince Gales GB, Butser 22nd March 2002 Once we found the light switch for the dartboard we could see how bad at darts we really are. Thank goodness we had a curry to look forward to. 8
Waggon & Horses Young's Ordinary/Special, Guinness 15th March 2002 It's good to sit and chat with an eye on the cricket but why was the dart board deserted? Has the idle conversation become too interesting or are we just too lazy to rise from our seats? I think the brothers were saving themselves for something less serious. A 21 mile run or a 40th birthday curry perhaps. 8
Fox & Hounds Courage Best 8th March 2002 From slippers to students and from Perry Como to Garage. This is obviously the place to get pissed without losing the shirt of your back. At 85p for a tequila slammer and 1.10 for a double vodka no one can argue its  Students night on Fridays but at 2 for a pint of Courage best its certainly not for old farts. Will we ever return? 6
Waggon & Horses Young's Ordinary/Special, Guinness 1st March 2002 Majorca or France? Arrive early or late? How many miles can you cycle before lunch? Darts were a distraction with such important things to ponder. Having solved these complex problems there was only one logical outcome. A good curry with a pint of Cobra. 8
Willoughby IPA, Landlord 22nd February 2002 Wall to wall television with a different sport on each screen, 3 dart boards in a row and an empty pool table. What could be better to beat the lethargy on a Friday night after another hard week at work. A win at darts springs to mine. At least John is throwing with his right hand these days. 8
Black Lion Young's Ordinary/Special, Guinness 15th February 2002 At last a game of darts and now we know what happened to Martin Cloones after "Men behaving badly". Unfortunately the board provided some light relief by falling off the wall and the lack of a light shining on the board provided a few problems but hey things could be worse. We could have been in the Willoughby. 7
Park Tavern Breakspear's Special, Young's Ordinary 8th February 2002 Why am I here? I don't smoke, I'm under 60 and I don't own a pipe or slippers. Is it memories of summer nights after a trip around the park or do I own a pair of rose tinted glasses like Evan? I guess its time to get back to darts, pool or table football. 6
Albion Green King IPA 1st February 2002 How this pub got on the list is a mystery to me. No atmosphere, no decent music, naff beer and no dart board. I feared the worst and although the gale blowing towards the pub ensured an early arrival the place was a disappointment. The lack of punters means this place is widely predicted to be next to turn into a block of flats. What a sad bunch we are. 5
Kelly's Arms Golden Arrow, Courage Best 25th January 2002 Pool, table football but no darts doesn't really sum up a evening or the complex organisation required to ensure everyone arrived in the same pub. Rob finally arrived late unaware of the frantic phone calls trying to contact him as his mobile was off. Just as it should be on a Friday evening. The pub was empty which is a little worrying for those who appreciate the friendly local. No doubt the locals will complain when they decide to close down. 8
Waggon & Horses Young's & Guinness 18th January 2002 Darts was the name of the game and as soon the secret of throwing left handed was discovered success was quick to follow as the spectators were there to see. Surely Joe's departure won't signify the end of an era as we are only on our first beer. 9
New Prince Gales Butser 11th January 2002 The first of a series of visits saw the darts board in use by the locals. The beer was good even if a little weak which was light relief for the sailors after an day on  Guinness at the boat show. The 4 pints jugs were off but no one seemed to care least of all John who was concentrating on staying vertical. A good investment by Gales as their first London pub seems to be the consensus of opinion. 8
Victoria Young's Ordinary/Special, Guinness 4th January 2002 Plenty of rabbit was required to overcome the affects of the train strike and general apathy shown by some of the less regular attendees. But rabbit there was in the bucket load. It's no wonder the dart board was only spotted after closing time. Click here to see what you've missed if you failed to turn up. 8

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