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Wych Elm Pride, Cheswick 17th December 2004 This was the night of the climbers Xmas party. Whilst Glen and Brian chewed over their favorite arętes and crevasses the darts continued to fly. With straight finishes of 78, 76, 57 & 40 from Brian you would have thought that Brian and K2 would be the MVPs but no. Once the beer kicked in, K1 and I started to perform, the deficit was reversed and a win in the final deciding game meant an epic comeback was secured.  9
Willoughby Pride, Spitfire, Pickwick 10th December 2004 With no one finishing with any consistency the games went on and on and on. At midnight I had managed to become the MVP despite barely finishing a game. By 0:24 a.m. K2, whilst aiming at two boards, had deservedly taken that mantle for the 2nd week running. 8
Kelly's Arms Best and Pride 3rd December 2004 One hundred and eighty but not the MVP. That honour goes to K2 who found his darts and his form this week. LVP was John who spent most of the evening fiddling with the electronic score board. 9
Waggon & Horses Guinness, Ordinary, Mixed 26th November 2004 You would have thought that an eccentric 98 finish (T20, 20, D9) at the end of the evening would make me the MVP but alas no. In truth that was my only contribution. Brian's opening 4 straight finishes and K1's consistent form left K1 somewhat surprisingly the MVP and me undeniably the LVP. Just when I thought I had cracked it too. 9
Wych Elm London Pride, Cheswick 19th November 2004 With the best of 5 finished in 3 it was a welcome interruption from the locals that broke up the pattern of play and prevented the 2 K's receiving a total whitewash. A final flurry late into the night saw Brian take the MVP and left K1 as the LVP once again. Since it could not possibly be his bad play K1 really must practice his motivational skills to inspire his partners. 8
Woodies Adnams Broadside,
Ruddles County,
12th November 2004 Did I lose my voice from too much celebration, too much smoke inhalation or too much beer? With the Broadside clocking in at 4.7% I really can't remember. The photo shows the darts score with John going home as MVP and K1 the LVP. The clothes tell me that I had an evening of passive smoking and the head tells me I drank too much beer. I'll blame the smoke for the loss of voice this time so roll on the smoking ban. Until then we'll have to visit better ventilated establishments. 8
Lamb Adnams 5th November 2004 The beers doggy, the dart boards occupied, the music's too loud and the landlord wants out. No wonder we dream about finding a new pub which ticks all the boxes. I guess we will probably have all taken up bowls and golf before we schedule another visit to this once fine establishment. 6
Willoughby Witch's Brew, Hobgoblin, Battersea Power Station, Stormy Weather,
Rite Spooky, Landlord, Ghost Train, Sky Rocket, Trick or Treat, Tribute, Load or the Glen, Dishy Debbie, Leaky Willy, Spinning Dog Mutley's Pit Stop, Witch's Familiar, Black Sheep
29th October 2004 With so many beers to sample there was little time to discuss much else. Roll on St George's Beer Festival so we can all have the full set of T shirts I say.  9
Kelly's Arms Courage Best 22nd October 2004 After an indifferent start the dream team awoke to beat the 2K's 8-6 in a sea saw tussle. For those less interested in the darts the action was accompanied by Joe Calzaghe's points win over Kabary Salem! 9
New Prince Butser 15th October 2004 With no darts to keep us occupied we had to resort to a discussion about bike gears. Strangely bike lights were not even mentioned. Fortunately the conversation was cut short by a long awaited curry. 8
Waggon & Horses Guinness, Ordinary, Mixed 8th October 2004 The dream team of John & Dave chalked up 5 straight wins before anyone else started and the evening was all but over. A quick trip to the Hard Rock in Rome is obviously good darts training!  9
Woodies Broadside, IPA 1st October 2004 An embarrassing white wash on the dartboard was saved after the first 7 games went to the 2 K's with some impressive first dart finishing. But what was the hustler doing at Woodies? It appeared that some guy  wanted to give away his money by trying to get the highest score throwing blindfolded with his left hand. Fortunately Keith saw sense and politely refused the challenge telling the drunken chancer he didn't want his money or the hassle that went with it.  7
Wych Elm London Pride, Cheswick 24th September 2004 After nervously sitting down and chewing the cud over a few beers, darts commenced and Evan's random scoring was amazingly surpassed by his stunning finishing.  9
Kelly's Arms Courage Best 17th September 2004 The beer was back but it didn't help the darts. The electronic score board removed any doggy scoring which meant the spectators and then the players lost interest.  8
Waggon and Horses Guinness, Ordinary, White wine, Fizzy water.  10th September 2004 One hundred and eighty. While monkeys type away trying to reproduce the works of Shakespere stranger things happen in good old Surbiton. Evan ends the evening on top having finished the most games of darts and I get a maximum. (In trouble and with 200 still to go the banter went something like "OK, I'll get 180 and you can finish"). What odds on that before the evening started? 10
White Horse? London Pride 3rd September 2004 One hundred and eighty. Yes a 180 at last in the first game of the evening at that. (15 darts to get from 401 to 308 then 110, followed by 180 and double 9 to finish) Was the secret the Gomshall swim or the 1 hour cycle to get there?  It certainly wasn't the moonlit walk back to JR's or the excellent curry which followed. 10
Woodies Broadside, ESB, Ansalls 3B 27th August 2004 With Paula Radcliffe and Denise Lewis's applications to the Olympic Rejects to discuss and discard because they failed to live up to the Olympic ideal the darts started a little later than usual. The standard appeared to improved as the number of beers sampled increased but some doggy maths and dubious barracking robbed Brian and I of certain victory.  8
Willoughby Duchards (pronounced duck's arse apparently), Archers 20th August 2004 Surely the Willoughby can't be about to suffer the same faint as the Lamb and the Kelly's! Maybe it was the torrential down pour or the Olympics which was keeping the punters away. What ever is was we did our best to make the place look busy. (See photo) 8
Kelly's Arms Guinness 13th August 2004 Another pub on its last legs with a choice of Guinness, Guinness or Guinness. The Olympic opening ceremony failed to inspire with lack luster displays in the Pool and Darts. The table football was cancelled due to lack of interest. 7
Lamb Adnams or Adnams 6th August 2004 The landlord and landlady had their farewell events the previous weekend and the pub had closed on Monday with the expectation of a new couple on the Wednesday; however, new couple didn’t have the dosh so pub re-opened on Wednesday with same landlord and no beer, although they were able to obtain a barrel of Adnams.  What’s the future for this fine hostelry?  It could go the way of the Lamb (Kingson) or re-open as a corporate themed pub – ‘The Lamb and Shepherd’, The Roast Lamb and Mint Sauce’?  It may have been our final visit with a quiet garden discussion.  From our first memorable visit (8th August ’86) this has been a fine and mildly eccentric venue.  For careful stewardship of bikes, a good selection of real ales, friendly service, a garden, darts and a really top juke-box, who can begrudge them a valedictory 10? (KS) 10
Waggon and Horses Guinness, Ordinary, White wine.  30th July 2004  After 7 days on the Greek lager I was eagerly anticipating the return to the traditional Nigerian variety. An excellent evening of quiet discussion under the stars. So, how come 4 pints of Guinness induced the '2 aspirins at 5.30 am' hangover that persisted till late afternoon? Jet lag or darts withdrawal symptoms I guess. (KS) 7
Who cares? 1664, San Miguel, ... 23rd July 2004 Week off for good behaviour 10
Wych Elm London Pride 16th July 2004 With only three punters this week, the darts were getting a little predictable until a challenge came in from the locals. Suddenly the standard improved and the challengers were sent back to their seats with their tails between their legs. Well almost. 8
Kelly's Arms Best Bitter 9th July 2004 With the dart board occupied, the evening was started with a pool competition. This was followed by a lack luster darts contest and would have been followed by a game of table football had the barmaid not had to go to work the next day! 7
Waggon & Horses Young's, Guinness, Red wine, Smirnoff ice 2nd July 2004 A easy victory on the dart board for the two K's meant we could retire early and enjoy the rest of the evening outside the men's toilet with Shelia's kid sister 7
Willoughby Archers 25th June 2004 To start the evening with the Greeks beating the French at football was unexpected enough, but to have John & Dave (The Dream Team) trounce all comers at darts was truly unbelievable. I guess we should savor the moment as it will never be repeated will it? 9
Woodies GB, IPA 18th June 2004 A ideal location for live footy, idle chat and darts. Just a shame that the cross wind diverted the darts from their intended target. 8
Lamb Archers, Pedigree 11th June 2004 A serious chat outdoors with drinkable beer available; unfortunately the rate of drink intake was very slow resulting in a 4 pint evening. (KS) 8
Kelly's Arms Best Bitter 4th June 2004 Outside, inside, darts and table football kept us busy.   8
Globe, ?, PMU None especially but 1664 is stronger than the competition 28th May 2004 With no other punters out we were left to explore the highs and lows of French evening entertainment alone. In truth, it is not surprising that the French prefer an early night as the beer is pretty awful. Table football does provide some fun until blisters and cracked knuckles force early retirement. Once back at the hotel it is a good idea to have remembered your glasses and the combination so you can get in!  5
Wych Elm London Pride 21st May 2004 With maps and magnifying aids in evidence ahead of next week Tour de Toulouse the darts got off to a slow start. The excellent beer distracted some but aided others resulting in some surprising finishers. Evan's granny would have been proud. 8
Waggon & Horses Young's, Guinness, Coke, Red wine 14th May 2004 Birthdays are like buses. You don't get one for a while then they all arrive together. Three in this case. After a pleasant evening in the garden with a few pints of Guinness we couldn't think of anything  better to do then enjoy a curry in the Ajanta 8
Kelly's Arms Best Bitter 7th May 2004 Two hours of non stop darts saw numerous low spots punctuated by one or two unconventional yet inspired finishes. With K2 restricted to the lower half of the board, due to a rib injury, it was fortunate that Keith's new missiles began hitting the target. Once the effects of the alcohol kicked in  John started to make his mark until he was forced to leave to catch the train. My miserable performance was capped by a last gasp lesson in table football which only confirmed it was time to retire for the evening. 8
Woodies Broadside, IPA 30th April 2004 The new dartboard inspired some of us whereas Keith's new darts remained unfulfilled. A 13 dart finish with attempts at a maximum by Dave and Brian left the Keith and John totally deflated. 8
Willoughby Orkney Skull Splitter,
Felinfoel Double Dragon,
Castle Eden Cross of St George,
Hanby Golden Honey ...
23rd April 2004 A wide selection of unusual beers brought the punters out in their droves and sent the taste buds into overdrive. The sun even came out so the first few pints could be sampled in the garden next to the barbeque. Can we have St George's day next week as well? 9
Waggon & Horses Young's, Guinness, Coke, Sparkling Water!! 16th April 2004 A 51st birthday doesn't come along that often so what better to do than have a beer and a curry? A game of darts would have been nice but a crucial delay after the football finished let the builders in. Lesson learnt. 7
Wych Elm Pride (before a 10.30 fall!) 9th April 2004 A shortage of punters, no darts thanks to Mr Sams and a rigorously enforced 10.30 Good Friday closing – and I came back from Barcelona especially for it!  The main plus points were stimulating chat and the lack of beer-induced headache on Saturday. (KS) 5
Kelly's Arms None 2nd April 2004 What is it with this place?  You think it’s recovered its former glory and then it slaps you in the face.  Tonight we had the ‘pub with no beer’; not strictly true, as it apparently had barrel-loads but the bar staff simply couldn’t connect it.  You might consider that good company, some top darts and potable Guinness provide adequate compensation, but frankly they don’t.  Time for improvement again! (KS)

On the other hand you could have been in the Blues Bar in Castillo de Fustes on the island of Fuerteventura. No darts but who needs darts after a relaxing day in the Sun?

Willoughby Welters Nice Pear 26th March 2004 They say that lightening doesn't strike but John and I have won yet another game of darts. I guess the smoke screen was just too thick for the opposition to see through. It certainly smelt like it on Saturday morning! 8
Waggon & Horses Young's, Guinness 19th March 2004 More beer, more darts, more curry, more birthdays and another marriage! It must be groundhog day. 8
Kelly's Arms Best, Pedigree 12th March 2004 Back to darts and the relief was almost audible but the lack of practice showed particularly in the finishing department. Never has the saying "Score for show, doubles for dough" been more poignant. 9
Lamb Broadside, ??, Red Wine 5th March 2004 As thoughts turned to the Spring cycling trip many of us were pleased to hear of K2's cold which is affecting his early training. But, with Shelia's new heart rate training programme and Brian's relentless 60 mile Sunday morning rides the rest of us still have plenty to worry about. Still plenty of time to get the bike out. Lets wait till April when the sun comes out! They'll all be burnt out by then. 8
New Prince Butser, Red Wine, Water! 27th February 2004 With a game of darts refused due excessive swelling of my knee we sat down expecting to hear how bright and sunny it is in New Zealand only to find it rains there more than here these days. So off to the Ajanta to see how small they can print the menu. No wonder we always end up eating the same dishes. 8
Victoria Young's, Guinness 20th February 2004 A lift to, and a taxi from the pub ensured my sanity remained. Pantani's passing was marked by some speculation about which was the best energy food for cycling. As always the good old fashion banana is strongly recommended. 7
Waggon & Horses Young's, Guinness or Red Wine 13th February 2004 NZ: A number of pubs sampled but no dartboards yet found! Beer is interesting with various attempts at bitters and dark ales but a bit fizzy. Lot of publicans from Sarf London mate (including one from Fulham). Otherwise wine, scenery, walking, swimming, jet boating, kayaking, cycling, horse riding have all been a 10 rating. (JR)

UK: No darts just idle conversation with beer in hand to while the evening away. Where would you rather be?

Kelly's Arms Spitfire 6th February 2004 With darts renovated and the locals moved away from the dartboard the battle began. Fortunately, Andy Fordham's lessons in finishing had been forgotten and normal service resumed. Brian was the only contestant able to finish and hence the outcome was never in doubt.  7-3 I believe. 8
Willoughby London Pride, IPA 30th January 2004 A head to head darts shoot out between the Shepherd brothers provided me with plenty of practice with the chalk. Two extremely close 180 attempts was only surpassed by some outstanding 2 and 3 dart finishes. 8
New Prince Butser 23rd January 2004 With the 3 piece suite in front of the dartboard fully occupied any thought of darts was out of the question so we had to resort to some good old fashioned conversation for a change. All followed by a much needed and very tasty curry. 7
Waggon & Horses Young's, Guinness or Red Wine 16th January 2004 Have the two Keith's been to the Andy Fordham school of finishing? All I can say is that if they carry on like this the oche will have to be moved back to make the game a little more challenging for them. Was it really 2-10? 8
Woodies London Pride, IPA 9th January 2004 Keith's darts retrieved from the last outing to this fine establishment and pleasantries over the darts commenced and, with the exception of one game, the finishing was out of the top draw. That is with one exception. I subconsciously decided to maintain the lowest of standards in order to increase the confidence of those around me. Pity we lost 9-10 really. 8
Wych Elm Fullers London Pride, Chiswick 2nd January 2004 Who needs to watch the world darts championship when you can play with a guy who practices with Lionel Sams one of the quarter finalists this year. Even he couldn't win every game as the standard went up a notch at last. Who knows 2004 could produce the first 180 in recent times! 9

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