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Wych Elm Pride, ESB 29th December 2006 With K2 winning the first 3 games, me the second 3, and K1, fuelled with ESB, the next 3 there was nothing to choose between us. As usual, high scores were matched by as many 2's and 3's. At least 2 genuine attempts at 180 just about kept up the interest but as concentration waned K1 somehow got to 8. It then all changed with an 11 dart finish from which I went on a run of games to take the last MVP of 2006. (D-10, K1-8, K2-4)   9
Waggon/Kellys Pride 22nd December 2006 John having lazed around all day was in sparkling form winning 7 out of 9 games where as I who had spent most of the day in the Pub and Brian who had got up at 3am in Qatar were not. The score tells the tale. Fortunately the dart board in the Waggon was occupied so we could waste time reversing the hyperspace from last week. (C-11, J-7, K1-4, K2-2, S-2, B-0, D-0)  7
Kellys/Waggon Bombardier 15th December 2006 A group of youngsters prevented play in the Kelly's so a hyperspace to the Waggon was necessary to save us all from falling asleep. Once installed with a pint of Bombardier the darts flew thick and fast. Brian raised the bar a few notches with heavy scoring and fast finishing. No longer was 40ish a good score and failing to finish was unerringly punished. Brian seemed to be able to pull out a ton at the crucial moments to leave K1 an I trailing in his wake. Hopefully he will be back on normal form next week. (B-14, K1-9, D-7) 8
Waggon Bombardier 8th December 2006 At last Brian has mastered the art of partner selection. His encouragement  even when his partners darts missed completely resulted in a well deserved win. Mad Mark gave it his best shot but the scoring and dart playing proved too challenging on this Friday night. More practice required I guess. I managed to finish 4 games despite forgetting my glasses. Should I forget my darts as well next week? (B-12, D-7, K1-6, M-6, K2-5) 9
Woodies Hogs Back, Advent, Pride, Ordinary 1st December 2006 As always its not the guy that finishes who wins it the guy who chooses the right partner at the right time. Brian finished 10 out of 10, John 5 out of 14 buts who finished the evening MVP? Maybe the saying should be "Doubles for show, partner selection for doe". (J-14, B-10, D-7, K1-4, K2-1) 8
Wych Elm Pride, Chiswick 24th November 2006 There was only one winner from the start this week. K1 was somehow inspired by the painful extraction of a tooth during the week to produce some truly outstanding finishing. A few attempts at 180 were a mere cameo as the games came thick and fast. (K1-14, D-8, J-8, K2-8, B-4) 9
Kellys Best 17th November 2006 Its always a mistake to encourage the local drunks and unfortunately I made the cardinal sin of engaging one in conversation only to regret it. It did encourage me to finish my first game but it wasn't worth the resulting groan of "Come on Dave" for the rest of the evening. (K2-11, D-10, B-10, K1-7, C-6) 8
Waggon Guinness, Mixed, Ordinary, Red Wine 10th November 2006 After a couple of weeks away it was good to get back to darts despite the regulars obstinacy. Once they had moved from their position next to the ochee play began. The standard was erratic to say the least but as usual careful partner selection was the key and Brian got it right this week. (B11, K1-6, K2-6, D-5, J-4, S-0) 8
Willoughby Rebellion Mutiny (4.5), Daisy Cutter (6,1%) 3rd November 2006 There was no such thing as a pint of crafty shag so we had to stick to last weeks selection. This was just as well as without my glasses I was guessing the names of suitable beers. When my memory had faded I ended the evening with the a pint of Daisy Cutter which could have been a mistake at 6.1%. Pity I didn't follow Brian's lead by going home early. 7
Willoughby Pumpkin Ale 4.2%,
Finchcocks Original 3.5%
Black Eagle Special Pale Ale 3.8%, General Wolfe Maple Ale 4.3%,
Sussex Bitter 4%,
Tribute 4.2%,
Gold 4.2%,
Crane Sundancer 3.7%, Autumn Blaze 4.4%, Nyewood Gold 5%, Signature 4.4%, Hampshire Rose 4.2%, Shere Drop 4.2%, Dark Destroyer 4.7%, Reg's Tipple 5%, Hair of the Hog 3.5%, Rip Snorter 5%
27th October 2006 With our collective eyesight degrading rapidly it was difficult to read the menu even with the aid of glasses but a blind man would have guessed that Dark Destroyer was going to be a heavy dark ale. Such in depth knowledge has obviously been gained from years of experience at these excellent events. Who's back next week for a pint of Crafty Shag? The menu says its not to be missed! 9
Kelly's Best 20th October 2006 Talk about bad partner selection. The score says it all! K2 got it right and ended the evening MVP! (K2-12, B-11, K1-8, C-8, D-1) 8
New Prince Butser, Red Wine 13th October 2006 With red wine at £2.40 a glass in had to be a special occasion to drink it. Fortunately it was Shelia's birthday curry so she was allowed a couple of glasses while the rest of us stuck to the Butser. When the conversation started heading towards bike lights darts got under way and K1 managed to finish as MVP.  8
Woodies Seasider, ?? 6th October 2006 A slow start but once we started I began to think the board was closer than usual. High scores and spectacular finishing were the order of the evening. The best being 4 darts from 190 which I rounded off with a bull finish. A pity its not like this every week. (D-6, B-6, JR-6, K1-3, K2-3) 8
Kellys Best 29th September 2006 A late appearance by Glenn gave him his first game of the series. Double 16 was causing some problems with K2 finishing with two x 8's. This was followed by my x7 and x9. (B-8, D-7, K1-6, K2-5, C-5, G-1) 7
Waggon Guinness, Ram Rod, Mixed, Ordinary 22nd September 2006 Interestingly it was the two who started with a pint of Ram Rod (5%) who maintained their concentration throughout the evening and finished on top. K1 used the old partner selection trick to team up with K2 and JR when they were playing well to ensure he was MVP once more. (K1-13, J-10,  K2-6, B-4, D-3) 7
Kellys Courage Best 15th September 2006 Loads of punters but only two playing darts.  Brian had two solid attempts at 180 (140 and 174) but the old adage still applies; score for show – doubles for dough!  Really knackering with just the two of us (KS) (K1-10, B-6) 5
Waggon Guinness, Ordinary 8th September 2006 Without Keith's darts and a roof to bounce them off K2 was lost. Despite a serious attempt at 180 it was the consistency and finishing that let him down. Is Teletext coverage of the cricket the only explanation? (B-14, K1-9, D-9, K2-4) 8
King William IV Shere Drop, Ranmore Ale, Tea 1st September 2006 How when you forget your darts and are too tall to throw your darts without hitting the ceiling do you finish the evening without chalking? Maybe it was the 1 mile trek though treacherous countryside to get to the pub or the thought of the return journey in the dark. Maybe it was the promise of one of JR's hot curries. Only K2 knows. (K2-10, K1-7, JR-4, D-2, B-1) 9
Kelly's Best 25th August 2006 Twenty games of darts couldn't separate us before all wobbled home. K2 found the journey a little more difficult than usual as his peddles had fallen off. Don't ask. (C-13, K1-9, K2-9, D-9) 9
Woodies Brains SA 18th August 2006 The lure of a surprise beer festival couldn't lure us away from the darts and the Brains SA was good enough not to temp us to stray further. (K1-7, J-6, K2-5, B-4, D-2) 8
Waggon Special, Ordinary 11th August 2006 Beer, darts, curry. Both Shelia and Frances threw some excellent darts to show that their is no point in practicing and Brian on his 50th birthday outing deservedly finished as MVP following some good finishing. (B-8, K1-7, F-4, S-2, D-2) 8
New Prince Pride Friday 4th August 2006 The new Kinston Wheelers cycle kit provide entertainment for at least 1/2 an hour before the midges sent us inside for a game of darts. The standard was as low as it gets with numerous complete misses of the board. Surprisingly K1 was not main culprit. Brian deservedly ended the evening as MVP. (B-6, D-5, K2-5, K1-3, S-3) 8
Kelly's Best Friday 28 July 2006 With numbers down due to the holiday season you would have expected a quiet night but then nothing seems to proceed as expected these days. Once we had discussed the guilt of Floyd Landis and the other news worthy items of the week we had already reached the optimum number of beers to play darts and to be honest the darts in the first few games were the best of the evening. I as usual choose my partners carefully and was MVP without finishing a game before JR left for the train. (D-8, C-7, J-4, K2-3)  9
Waggon Guinness Friday 21 July 2006 A hat tick of Waggons and with only K1 and I to contest the darts it was back from holiday with a thumping. A 10-1 thumping to be exact. But the excitement didn't finish there. A domestic saw a men run into the bar at closing time followed by a manic throwing bricks. Luckily the old bill came along quickly to restore normality.  7
Waggon St George’s, Light and Bitter, Red Wine Friday 14 July 2006

Bastille Day – the World Wimbledon Cup well finished and hence an outdoor discussion on Le Tour and bicycle components in general.  Darts commenced promptly at 10 pm and the throwing was erratic to say the least.  A typical sequence from K2 went something like 26, 7, 22, 11, 180, 29, 15 – yes an absolutely no doubt rock solid 180 out of the blue.  Final scores K1-7, K2-7, B-6, S-2, a score not fairly reflecting some excellent darts from Sheila who was badly let down by her partners.  An excellent evening but, with the summer season in full swing, who’ll be there next week for the Waggon hat-trick? (KS)

Waggon Ordinary, St George’s  Friday 7 July 2006

The start of the summer season and poor attendances.  A garden discussion on the current sporting event – the FIFA World Tour de Wimbledon Cup.  The conclusion was that Tracey Austin would have made a better coach than the fraudulent Swede, especially if she had stayed off the performance-enhancing drugs.  Darts kick-off time was 10.00 pm and twenty rapid fire 301 singles gave a final score of B-8, K1-7, K2-5 and some pretty high quality arrows.  As the old saying goes “It’s better to be in the Waggon than ‘on the waggon’”, so we’re going there again next week for a repeat session! (KS)

Willoughby, Wych Elm Bombardier, Pride, Discovery 30th June 2006 With the world cup in full swing the evening had to start with a beer in the Willoughby watching Italy beat the Ukraine. A hot dog also went down very well. Boss Hogg and friends  ensured the dart board was out of bounds so a hyper space to the Wych Elm saw some darts action. The early signs were not too good with yours truly getting 3 on two consecutive throws ablely assisted by Brian with a 3 and an 11. Needless to say we lost that game but towards the end of the evening the standard improved and K1 and I finished as MVP's. (K1-8, D-8, K2-7, B-5) 9
Woodies St Georges  23rd June 2006 Once France had squeezed past Togo and the locals had been cleared from under the dart board, battle commence. Strangely JR kept winning despite some truly awful darts and at the end of the evening had chalked up 7 victories of which he had finished only one. (D-1, K1-6, K2-3, JR-7, B-1)  8
Waggon St Georges 16th June 2006 With Joao Ricardo pulling of miracles to keep Angola's world cup hopes alive it needed something special to keep the audiences. Up next was a classic Friday night darts match. Tension, tantrums, gamesmanship, poor scoring, sledging (of own team members) were littered through the proceedings and strangely the darts weren't bad either with some very respectable finishing for a change. JR rightly took the MVP. 8
Fox & Hounds Courage Best, milky TEA 9th June 2006 Good to return to old hunting (get it!) grounds.  Negatives; the TEA was milky, the big screen lacks focus, parts of the building have terminal dry rot and the view is of the road rather than the river.  However, this was a summer’s evening when any pub is good, Ecuador vs. Poland couldn’t keep us inside the Best was better and we finished (maybe the wrong word) the evening with some arrers.  A return is probable. (KS) 8
Kellys Best 2nd June 2006 Some of the worst finishing in memory can only be explained by the week off. Brian was the benefactor and went on to become MVP. 8
24th May 2006 Alps Cycle Trip
Woodies Bombardier 17th May 2006 A soaking on the way to the pub resulted in some of the worst darts in living memory. That is until K1 decided enough was enough and finished with a bull. The standard then slowly improved but K1 maintained his lead and finished as MVP. He then celebrated by getting soaked again on the way home. 8
Waggon St Georges 12th May 2006 Numbers were swollen due to John, Mike & Evan's birthday curry which happened to coincide with the 20th anniversary of 20 years of visiting a different pub every Friday night. After the usual cycling conversation the darts began. The normal round robin was enhanced with some late guest appearances and the evening ended in a 4 a side game of 501. Somehow (probably by throwing the most accurate darts) K1 went home MVP but from the picture of him at the curry house it looks like he was well past caring.  9
Kellys Best 5th May 2006 I was due some bad luck but not this much all in one evening. In the end the frustration and the second playing of the liquidator got to me and I couldn't hit a barn door. Two close finishing opportunities from 96 and then 98 only reinforced the saying a miss is a good as a mile. I trust everyone else had a pleasant evening. (K1-9, K2-9, B-9, J-8, D-2, E-1) 3
Waggon St Georges 28th April 2006 With a swell in numbers due to Keith postponed birthday curry the darts was a little chaotic. Despite the confusion the drama continued and Keith left for his birthday curry as MVP. (K1-7, J-6, B-3, D-3, K2-1) 8
Willoughby Archers: Spirit of St George
Adnams: Explorer
Downton: Brunel's Birthday Special
Downton: Firedraught
Grand Union: Special
Grand Union: Best bitter
Hepworth: Iron Horse
Hepworth: Pullman First Class
Hepworth: England's Glory
Hepworth: Hair of the Hog
Surrey Hills: Ranmore Drop
St. Austell: Tribute
Tripple FFF: Moondance
Tripple FFF: Alton's Pride
Titanic: England's Glory
Twickenham: Spring Ale
Twickenham: Original
Twickenham: Advantage
Welton's: Old Cocky
Welton's: Sussex Pride
Young's: St George's
21st April 2006 With numbers down this year at least we got a seat but the atmosphere was lacking. We could almost of had a game of darts. Let's hope the Halloween festival is better advertised so the traditional beer festivals continue. 8
Woodies Best Bitter 14th April 2006 With a half 10 closing it appeared that we spent more time ordering beers than playing darts. K2, despite arriving late, walked off as the MVP while everyone else was struggling to hit the doubles. (K2-7, D-5, J-5, K1-3) 8
Kellys Best 7th April 2006 The early games were won by John who achieved the poor mans 180 in the process. Later with numbers swollen by locals Clive and Steve the evening took its normal course. The lack of music almost went unnoticed as the volume increased due to excessive beer mixed with wild darts. A 111 finish and an attempt at a 142 finish all added to the drama. K2 was beaten as MVP in the last few games by your truly thanks mainly to Steve's stabilizing influence.  (D-9, K2-8, S-8, K1-6, J-6, C-3, B-2, I-2) 9
Danny's Bar (Flanders) WigWam (Gran Canaria) Kwak 8%
Schmucker 5%


31st March 2006 With the boys sent on secret missions all around the globe to investigate the strength of foreign beers the winner was deemed as the last man standing. Mark clearly failed in his mission. Meanwhile those remaining played darts... 

A low attendance night commenced with a one hour conversation, ending when Sheila detected smoke in the 'no smoking' area. A quick fire darts tournament allowed Brian to chalk up another champion performance with some excellent finishing and Sheila to claim one famous victory before retiring with fatigue. Your reporter threw some really wild darts, maybe put off by the torrential downpour outside; fortunately this abated before throwing out time and hence did not add to the misery of a puncture. (KS)

New Prince Butser 24th March 2006 What a way to see out my first half century. Good beer, a good curry all washed down with a game of darts surrounded by good friends.  (B-4, M1-3, K1-3, J-3, D-3, K2-2, M2-2) 10
Kellys Best 17th March 2006 Brain won the first and last 4 games of the evening to leave Dave (who played awful darts all evening but somehow managed to motivate his partners to keep him ahead) wishing he had gone home with JR after the fifth beer. What Brian was doing between the start and end of the evening is anybodies guess. (B-11, D-10, K1-8, J-8, K2-5) 9
Lamb Spitfire 10th March 2006 It was kind of the bar staff to keep the pub open for us as we were pretty much the only punters there. Not surprising since the decor dates back to the early 50's and the stereo has a TV in one ear and a Jukebox in the other. Even the beer pump was on its last legs as it took a age to pull a pint. The dartboard still functioned though so we were able to organise ourselves and generate enough atmosphere to blank out the pub deficiencies. (D-10, K1-8, B-8, K2-6, J-5) 7
Woodies Six Nations 3rd March 2006 Some truly awful darts interspersed with some inspired finishing and random high scores kept the outcome open until the very last game. So much so that JR left 5 minutes late to catch the train home. With the bar staff serving up 30 nations at a time it was all too much excitement for a cold Friday evening. (D-9, K1-8, J-8, K2-4, B-3)  8
Waggon Ordinary, Guinness 24th February 2006 A three way tie and a birthday curry sent almost everyone home happy. The darts however where erratic to say the least.  A 111 finish, a very close attempt at a 180 and numerous darts completely off the board. What is happening? I guess age is starting to tell although it was the 50+ player who finished the evening on top. (K1-7, K2-7, J-7, B-6, D-5) 8
Kellys Best 17th February 2006 With the cycling curry proving more of a pull that a night at the Kelly's, numbers were down. Ian was drafted in and immediately proved his worth with some unexpected finishes which helped K1 become MVP once again. (K1-10, J-9, D-6, I-4) 8
Woodies Bombardier, Ordinary, Pride, ? Down 10th February 2006 K2 is back. A stunning 10 minute 3-0 victory over the Shepherds in the first set restored K2's confidence and there was no looking back.  (K2-10, K1-8, D-7, B-7) 8
Kelly's Best, Pride 3rd February 2006 Another close game with some impressive finishes especially from Brian who finished all but one of his 12 victories. If only I could have finished from 180 with 3 treble twenties instead of two treble twenties and a treble 5. (K1-13, B-12, D-11, K2-8) 8
Waggon Ordinary, Guinness, vino tinto, water    27th January 2006

Three issues to report:

  1. Rob failed to appear for his own curry – event postponed.
  2. Beware Dave – Team Scaffold shown the red card for excessive volume (and probably excessive Anglo-Saxon).
  3. Evan turned up lateish, stripped off many layers of clothing, threw some wildish darts, stepped up to the oche and pinged in an absolutely rock-solid 180, and then returned to throwing some rather wildish darts again – marvellous stuff. (KS)

(JR-9, B-7,K1-4,K2-3,E-2,S-1)

Woodies Hook Norton Golden Bitter? Bombardier, IPA 20th January 2006 Top class darts for a change in a close competition with numerous attempts at a 180. Yours truly came out on top with some impressive 2 and 3 dart finishes inspired by thoughts of Jelle Klaasen I guess. (D-10, K1-8, B-8, J-6) 8
Kellys Best 13th January 2006 With John arriving late after an afternoon drinking Guinness at the boat show there was no chance of a repeat of last week. Instead K1 decided to show his prowess and ended the evening as MVP despite drawing a blank at finishing last week. John2, a unsuspecting member of the public, summed up the evening and every evening with the passing comment "I'm usually much better than that". Aren't we all? (K1-12, B-9, D-7, K2-5, J2-4, J-3)  8
Waggon Guinness, Ordinary 6th January 2006 Once we considered the scafolders had become too drunk or too bored to continue their game of darts we crept over to the board and the darts competition commenced. Eight game later John and I were still playing having defeated all comers in all combinations (including the scafolders). The dream team were back. A late rally by Brian and K2 and an early train for JR meant I was MVP for a change. (D-10, J-8, B-3, K2-3, K1-2)  8

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