Kingston & Surbiton Pub Review 2007



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Waggon Winter Warmer, Mixed, Ordinary 28th December 2007

After the well-merited golf humiliation, it was a relief to see that the Waggon was an adults-only zone.  Dave had been receiving counselling from a group of motivational sports psychologists based at his squash club; after a 13-dart winning first game he never looked back and went on to be the MVP based on his own good finishing; for some reason he was forgetting his previous MVP in the Waggon on 28th September!!  Presumably everybody else’s journey (including John’s impressive 39th this year) was uneventful; about 500 m from home I was hit by a tempest (the proverbial light drizzle accompanied by a slight breeze) that forced a dismounting for safety reasons – fair punishment for some really appalling arrows from the ‘champion’!  The Waggon replaced the popular Bombardier with overrated Winter Warmer, and then that ran out! (KS) D-9, J-8, K1-7, K2-7

2007 review: a worrying year for arrowmen with three popular venues biting the (chalk) dust: The Lamb reopened as a comfy living room without darts; two years after the ludicrous decision to evict table football, Kellys finally succumbed to its fate and closed, to reopen surprisingly, but only as a dart-free restaurant (on principle, I wouldn’t eat their food if it were free); Woodies allegedly (needs to be checked) removed the dartboard as it was a Health and Safety issue for the external smoke zone punters.  For 2008, the New Prince has the feel of an endangered species and the Spring Grove suffers from crowd problems.  I have optimistic vibes for the Queens Head, not least because it actually advertises darts as one of it features; otherwise the Black Lion and smokeless Fox and Hounds are worth a check.  Maybe Bossog has moved on?  Inspiration needed or it could be Waggon/Wych/Waggon/Wych/Waggon. 

Wych Elm Pride. Chiswick                       21st December 2007

There are some rare evenings when you are pleased not see someone; the freezing fog and icy roads were not a sensible option for a safe ride from Gumshoe!  With some players just out of their sick beds and a very full pub the darts were surprisingly good in patches; maybe it was the artificial stimulants, but I was convinced that a 100+ finish was a certainty – misplaced optimism as usual.  The early lack of K2 in the Wych was again a bit of a mystery; surely he wasn’t investigating Woodies or the Maypole?  Eventually K2 turned up with G, B2 and B3 in tow; the scorer was thankful that all the B’s did not play arrows!  The evening finished with the convalescents beating the healthy pair in a doubles challenge – it’s the drugs of course!  A rather excellent evening demonstrating fully the medicinal qualities of good beer and conversation; furthermore, everybody skated home safely on foot and wheel.  (KS) K1-12, B1-8, D-4

Spring Grove/Waggon Bombardier, Ordinary 14th December 2007

For the climax of the season you pay good money to secure the services of a top Italian coach and then…. the first venue is unplayable ‘cos the crowd have invaded the pitch, and the backup venue is likewise unplayable as it is hosting an Antipodean tactics challenge match.  A very rare evening of intellectual conversation and no arrows; no sleepers this week but we shouldn’t risk making it a habit! (KS)

Waggon Bombardier, Ordinary           7th December 2007 Small changes can affect top sportsmen; it wasn’t the flashing xmas lights or dodgy music, but the renovated gents bog.  After 30+ years untouched, said bog has been modernised and fully tiled, including tiling over the barred window where one could get a sniff of ‘fresh’ air after a poor game; too bright as well.  For a long while it looked like Dave was heading for the MVP until he fell at the final hurdle.  Good to see Sheila, but her arrows did not make an appearance. (KS) B-8, K2-7, D-6, K1-5, J-2 7
Wych Elm London Pride, Cheswick 30th November 2007 Have been trying to work out, without success, why K2 was knocking on Sheila’s door at 9.20 asking where we were – how would he have known about the initial Spring Grove choice and why then would he cycle up the hill??  The solution, Dear Watson, to the problem – another case of ‘Dr Who Syndrome’ – right pub (New Prince), but one week late!  Irritating at the best of times, but pretty desperate during Friday’s inclement weather comprising the proverbial ‘light drizzle’.  Dave introduced himself with ‘I’m feeling rough, I’m going to play crap’ – a self-fulfilling prophecy; what Dave needs is a manager with top motivational qualities – I hear Steve McClaren is looking for a job! (KS) K1-15, B-10, D-2, K2-wet and angry  7
New Prince Butser 23rd November 2007 You make the effort to go out on a freezing night to a pub with the low strength, relatively inexpensive but highly drinkable Buster Ale; then you only have four pints!  I felt so well this morning I thought it was Monday and time to go to work.  Shame!  Not surprising, with such slow re-hydration, the darts were far from exciting; the highlight was a tremendous bulling-up competition, so exciting that the winning team then proceeded to score 1!  More beer equals better darts! (KS) 5
Wych Elm Pride, Cheswick 16th November 2007 It seemed pretty nippy on the short walk home so it’s a fair guess that it was a touch chilly on Newlands Corner at 1am, unless you’re insulated by the warm glow of victory of course.  A solid 3-hour, 6-pint, 25-game evening with the normal combination of sublime and ridiculous.  Why is it that when somebody has a near miss at a high finish that the game then takes another 10 minutes to complete?  Thought there was something wrong with my TV this afternoon – darts on all channels!!  Excellent! (KS) J-13, K1-12, D-10, B-10, K2-5 9
Spring Grove/Waggon Bombardier 9th November 2007 With the Spring Grove full a hyperspace to the Waggon was required to get a game of darts. Brian and I started the evening believing we would remain undefeated but as we found out to our cost, you don't win games if you miss your doubles. As usual slow and steady wins over fast and furious. (KS) K1-7, K2-7, J-6, D-4, B-4 7
Willoughby 5 Star Rating
Little Scotney Green Hop Harvest (4.3%), Surrey Hills Shere Drop (4.2%)

4 Star Rating
St Austell Armistice Ale (4.2%), Cottage Southern Bitter (3.7%), Chocolate Downton Orange Delight (5.8%), Fullers Vintage Ale (8.5%), Hogs Back HBB (3.7%), Surrey Hills Albury Drop (4.6%), Weltons Old Cocky (4.3%)

3 Star Rating
Ballards Wild (4.7%), Hampshire King Alfreds Bitter (3.8%), Hepworth & Co. Iron Horse (4.8%), Hepworth & Co. Propsect  Organic Ale (4.5%), Hop Back Odyssey Best Bitter (4%), Pilgrim Silver Sovereign (4.5%), Potbelly Beijing Black (4.4%), Shapes Doom Bar (4%), Weltons Ghost Buster (4.6%), Westerham 1965 (4.8%)

2 Star Rating
Cottage Normans Conquest MM (5%),  Dial's Pumpkin Ale (4.5%), Porter (4.1%), Grasshopper (3.8%)

1 Star Rating
Downton India Pale Ale (6.8%), England's Glory (4.2%)

2nd November 2007 From the dizzy heights of "Shere Drop" to the undrinkable lows of "England's Glory" the beer had to be sampled and judged. After all we have been do the same for the last 5 years. It's a hard life especially when you have to cycle home afterwards! Roll on the Willoughby St Georges Beer Festival next year then we will be able to sit outside and bask in the sun. 8
Waggon Bombardier, Ordinary   26 October 2007

The landlord probably doesn’t know it, but the Waggon has apparently introduced a ‘Club Class for Frequent Drinkers’; members may lay claim to various areas of the pub, especially if this prevents the despised infrequent drinkers having fun by, for example, playing darts.  Members also get automatic entry to the annual ‘Miserable Person of the Year’ competition.  After we had expelled the Club members, the arrows fell into its normal pattern of some excellent finishing (mainly Brian) and some games that went on for ever; it’s certainly more of a physical challenge with just 3 punters. (KS) B-10, K1-9, D-3

New Prince Butser 19th October 2007 What does the future hold?  New Prince Mews; le Nouveau Prince Bistro - with the lack of smoke and Billishears, there’s a serious lack of punters: Derek and Clive have taken their words of wisdom to pastures new.  Virtually anything can now adversely affect the arrows concentration; tonight it was televised rugby!  Dave threw a marker nearer the ceiling than the board and then stuck one right in the middle of the double – later on he had an excellent grouping of darts off the board about 9 inches from the required double.  In order to improve the darts action yours truly had paid top dollar (£15) for osteopathic manipulation, only to be afflicted by a sharp pain (acute dartitis) in the shoulder on delivering the crucial double dart.  Good to see Sheila troubling the scorer again and threatening to be the evening’s MVP on her ‘birthday event’ until unfortunately she selected the wrong partner (yours truly again).  The Agra was an improvement on the Ajanta but could still do better. (Grandad) B-4, J-4, S-3,  K2-3, D-2, K1-2 7
Spring Grove Bombardier, Ordinary, other things               12th October 2007

The Spring is firmly back in the fold; dartboard, ambience and excellent Bombardier Ale.  Thanks to Patrick for ‘blocking’ the dartboard prior to our arrival.  Dave brought along a new player ‘A’ on whom to try out his compassionate coaching methods.  ‘A’ looked good at the start – precise darts and a good action; two hours’ worth of Dave’s coaching and he was reduced to a nervous wreck bereft of confidence.  Dave also brought along a group of fans; with a welcome return of Malcolm and Holly this meant we were able to retain exclusive occupation of the public bar before a late appearance by Ian.  Despite another Brian bull finish, the darts standards were as low as ever with a televised U-21 international replacing crap music as the excuse for poor concentration. (KS) Scores:   B–7, K2-5,  K1-5,  D-4, J-4, A-1

Queen’s Head / Wych Elm  Adnams, Pride. Chiswick 5th October 2007

Good to see the Owl and Eddie Ryan return to its roots.  In contrast to the Black Lion last week it had a fully serviceable dart board but no room to play – we could transfer the empty room from the Black Lion.  Don’t give up on the Queen’s Head; it has promise and Adnams Ales.  The Wych Elm was its normal self.  Following a warm-up of dominoes (what’s the rules?) and some tepid community singing the board was freed up.  Despite a local David Bailey competition and some quite extraordinary crowd noises, the arrows were surprisingly good; Brian got the score (3 No. 140s) for show whilst K2 got the doubles for dough. (KS)  Scores: K2–9, B-5, K1-5, D-5

Black Lion / Waggon Bombardier, Mixed, Ordinary, Red Wine, Fizzy Water    28th September 2007

A difficult night to concentrate!  Following a brief visit to the Black Lion, with an excellent empty dart room but no board, we were forced to hyperspace to the Waggon.  Concentration was then adversely affected by: dubious music, stuffy conditions, then fresh air and miserable gits who didn’t like it, a barmaid wearing two pairs of jeans, a late appearance by Sheila and finally watered chalk.  Dave overcame these conditions and, following earlier threats to quit the game, famously left as the evening’s champion player. (KS) Scores: D-7, K1-6, B-6, K2-5   

Prince Buster, Seafarer, Red Wine       21st September 2007

A surprising return of punters to the ‘Prince’, some with the volume control set to 11.  Hopefully the large crowd was not in response to an appearance by the one-and-only Billishears, the Prince’s answer to the Willoughby’s Bossog, the man that stopped the darts and cleared the room.  As for the worst moments in musical history Billishears’ rendering of ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’ may well have trumped Bossog’s solo attempt at ‘A Fairy Tale of New York’ on a warm July evening.  Makes one nostalgic for Magic FM and the Carpenters.  Some darters were quite incapable of coping with the musical accompaniment; for example, Sheila did not trouble the scorers.  The beer was slow but fine. (KS) Scores:
 (K1-10, D-8, J-7, K2-4, B-3)

Wych Elm Beer:  Pride. Chiswick, Red Wine 14th September 2007

Fortunately Sheila pitched up for the second consecutive week to add some enthusiasm to generally tired and jaded darts.  Possibly the late start due to rugby and the presence of a crowd bemoaning the England performance affected focus; anyway, exciting it wasn’t!  However, the beer and pre-dart conversation were fine. (KS) Scores: B-6, K2-5, K1-5, S-4 (10 games in nearly 2 hours!)  

Waggon Beers:  Bombardier, Mixed, Ordinary 7th September 2007

Some things to note:  John cycled up for the 10th consecutive week after saying he wasn’t going to come!  The darts started late due to rugby and finished early due to Saturday ‘early starts’; Bombardier was drank dry for the 2nd consecutive week; Brian had another raucously-celebrated bull finish.  Now, we’ve always known that a volume of quality beer enhances darts and that good music also has a beneficial effect.  So, what to think when your best darts are chucked to the sound of the Carpenters?!  For Bombardierlessness and very poor music the Waggon deserves a rare poor rating. (K1-5, K2-4, B-3, S-3, D-2, J-1) (KS)

Spring Grove Bombardier, Mixed 31st August 2007 Surely the only difference between Brian and I couldn't come down to the fact that when I missed I hit a 1 and when Brian missed he hit D20. Somehow he avoided partnering me all night and the result is clear to see. JR & I played well enough but couldn't seem to finish. Oh well there's always next week. (B-16, K1-9, K2-9, JR-5, D-5) 8
Wych Elm Pride, Cheswick 24th August 2007 If you exclude my below par effort, the finishing was excellent and darts in general flew straight and true. My darts on the other hand struggled to hit the board never mind the doubles and its a miracle I got any points at all. Next week will of course be different. (JR-12, B-12, K1-10, D-8) 8
Waggon Bombardier (a top drinking beer) 17th August 2007

Forget Lucca, Galicia and rock festivals – there’s only one place to be on a Friday night; the other two 9pm punters would confirm that the Waggon’s the scene.  There must be a special medal for John, cycling up for the first darts head-to-head of the season; completely knackering without the assistance of a professional chalker.  Among the normal dross there were some quite exciting arrows, especially after the excellent Bombardier calmed the nerves.  John had four consecutive treble 20s (5,60,60,60,60,20) and then finished with a double 5.  K1 had a 10-dart 301 and John a 12-darter.  Thrilling stuff, but a disappointingly low crowd (zero) to show their appreciation.  K1-14, JR-8)

10th August 2007 It was Brian's birthday curry but Shelia had had a better offer and failed to show (subsequently using Brian's failure to attend her 40th birthday many year earlier as her excuse!). Brian's torment was then amplified with a pounding on the dartboard I'm afraid.  (K1-9, K2-8, D-6,  JR-6, B-3)  8
3rd August 2007 No report but speculation suggests the scores were (K2-9, JR-7, B-3) ?
Waggon Bombardier 27th July 2007 The darts were embarrassingly bad to say the least as even the players just hoping that someone, anyone would finish. What has happened while Brian has been away? (K1-6, JR-6, D-4, K2-3, B-3) 8
Spring Grove Bombardier 20th July 2007 With JR winning the first 4 games of the evening the competition appeared to be over before it had started. A few games later and JR's understated 71 finish (T13, D16) moved him further ahead. If it had been me Robbie Hunters celebration would have seemed tame. From then on careful partner selection ensured John remained in front to become this weeks MVP.  (J-11, K2-9, D-7, K1-7) 8
Wych Elm Pride 13th July 2007 Our last visit was a distance memory as John's darts fail to stay in the board. 2 scores of 1 must mean a trip to the blacksmiths is urgently required as unlike last week he finished the evening as LVP. (K1-11, K2-11, D-9, J-7)  8
Waggon Bombardier 4th July 2007 No smoking seemed to mean no air circulation and a stuffy pub. The darts however continued as usual and as ever it was proven that if you don't finish you don't win. John made sure of that and hence finished the evening as MVP. (J-9, K1-7, K2-6, D-5) 7
Wych Elm Pride, Chiswick 29th June 2007 With Brian showing distinct signs of serious darts practice the games rattled on. Treble 20's were in abundance and if you missed your double you lost the game. (B-16, K1-11, D-10, K2-7) 9
Woodies Tea Cutter 22nd June 2007 Could this be our last visit? The smoking ban has prompted the erection of a tent. Access is though the fire door next to the dart board so instead of relocating the dart board it will be removed! In general the distractions of people walking in and out the fire exit proved too much for such top class dart players. The exception was a 107 finish from JR. The first 100+ finish of the year. (B-7, K1-6, K2-6, D-4, J-4) 8
Waggon Bombardier, Ordinary 15th June 2007 Noise levels were much reduced as was the standard of darts. The late switch from Woodies obvious got Brian fired up as he consistent finished games from behind. The pattern continued with a 3-0 thrashing for B & K2 at the end of the evening despite some high scoring and several attempts at a bull finish for K1 and I. (B-11, K2-10, D-6, K1-4, J-3) 8
Waggon Bombardier, Ordinary 8th June 2007 As the standard of darts improved the noise increased. When K2 finish 93 with x19, 19, x18 it went up a notch and then when K1 hit 180 the first warning of the night came from a lonely punter. The landlord assured us that it was ok to celebrate such a rare event after purchasing 35 points of beer. Unfortunately, at the end of the evening, I then hit a double 1 and the noise was too much even for the landlord to bare.  (K1-11, B-11, D-11, J-8, K2-5)   9
Wych Elm Pride 1st June 2007 With K2 back on one foot at least and with England's disappointing draw with Brazil sliding into the realms of history, play began. Immediately Mannie spotted some serious completion brewing so mounted his special dart board last played on by last years world number one no less. The pressure to perform was just too much and a series of scores of 3, 7 and 5 followed. The standard improved in fits and starts and eventually thanks to some outrageous sledging Brian became MVP. (B-8, K1-7,K2-7, D-4) 8
Beer Keller in Cortina 25th May 2007 The best bar in town and a night to remember but only because John decline what turned out to be the last round of the night. A late shot at responsible drinking? Too many hangovers? Frank was so flabbergasted he was ready for yet another beer. 5
Waggon Bombardier 18th May 2007 Birthdays always bring out a good crowd and 3 birthdays together meant even the most reluctant Friday night drinkers had no excuse. The darts started once the greyhound had been removed from the space in front of the dartboard. As usual there was plenty of noise and I actually finished the last 3 games of the evening to make JR the MVP for the second week in a row before we went for the traditional birthday curry. (J-6, D-4, K-2, B-2, Mike-2, Mark-1, E-1) 8
Wych Elm Pride, Cheswick 11th May 2007 What luck than John didn't take the early train as from out of the blue he had his first 180 to celebrate. I bet he was even smiling as he got a good soaking cycling home over Newlands Corner at 1a.m. (J-13, B-11, D-10, K1-6) 9
Wych Elm Pride, Cheswick 4th May 2007 The darts were a side show this week as K2 proudly exhibited his plaster cast. Having booked himself on cycling trips to the Dolomites, the SWRC May Cyclosportive, the Dragon Ride and the British Cyclosportif his world was turned upside down by a faulty hinge on his ladder. In the words of the Stranglers. What a bummer but lets hope its no the whole summer. (D-11, K1-10, B-7, J-6, M-4) 8
Fox & Hounds, Waggon Bombardier, Mixed 27th April 2007 With the dartboard fully occupied and the pub full of smoke we had no choice but to relocate from the Fox & Hounds to the Waggon but only after JR had justified the purchase of his new carbon frame on economic grounds! The game of darts which ensued showed a carbon bike doesn't make you a better dart player as Brian finished the evening as MVP. (B-8, D-7, K1-5, K2-5, J-3) 9
Willoughby Coach House (3.7%), Mad Hare (4.4%), Apple Blossom (4.3%), Downtown Light (3.7%), Fullers Vintage Ale (8.5%), Grand Union Special (4.5%), Gold (4.2%), Reg's Tipple (5%), Traditional Sussex Bitter (3.6%), Hog's Back Hope Garden Gold (4.6%), T.E.A Traditional English Ale (4.2%), Winchester Ale (4.2%), Pilgrim Brewery Porter (4%), Surrey Hills Gilt Complex (4.6%), Shere Drop (4.2%), Spring Ale (4.3%), Welton's St George's Special (4.6%), Westerham Grasshopper (4.3%), William Wilberforce Freedom Ale (4.3%), British Bulldog (4.3%), 1648 St. George's (4.3), Signature (4.4%) 20th April 2007 It's that time of year again already and despite being a bit under the weather duty called and the beer had to be sampled in the requisite quantity. No darts as the pub was full and the board surrounded. Unfortunately Clive and his Missus came as the bearers of bad news: The Kellys has closed  For how long no one knows. 8
Waggon Bombardier, Mixed 13th April 2007 A birthday curry preceded by beer and darts could be used to describe the evening but that would do Fran a injustice as she astounded the regular dart players with the final dart of the evening. A memorable double 7. (J-3, M-3, F-3, K1-3, K2-2, B-2, D-2).

Stop Press: 
It was worse than just a double 7. It was a 3-darter 60!  Treble 13, single 7, double 7.

New Prince Butser 30th March 2007 Beer, wine, gin & tonic and conversation about Cuba but no darts all followed by birthday curry. 7
Wych Elm 23rd March

A clear run and K1 gets off to a flying start, winning 5 games on trot (301’s). K2 finally gets him off and the fight back begins. JR then has a good run and I am trailing badly. The rapid turn around ensures the Pride flows and K2 seems to cope the best with a moving target (although not the following morning) . With a late surge. ( K1-11, JR-11, K2 -10) (KA)

After 30 minutes JR had practised his chalking skills but failed to trouble the scorer. Two hours later he was the top man following excellent all-round darts, some rapid finishing, a couple of 140s and a memorable 9-dart 301.  The Wych Elm crowd seemed more raucous than ever; at one stage there was a mini-riot in the loo; this could be the reason for the rapid consumption of Pride and the consequent improvement in darts play.  Again no photographic evidence, but I am confident the scores were, K1-11, K2-9, JR-11 (that’s right - 31 games of singles 301!). (KS)

Waggon and Horses Bombadier, Ordinary   16th March 2007

Oh No, 2 punters on the board and they look useful. Chatted for a while and then K1 does his we’re not worthy act ( much to Brian’s annoyance) and offers his services as a chalker. Of course he proceeds to win his first game and we have a foot in the door. Actually things are quite good after that and we all manage to win games. It’s discovered that they are in the Waggon darts team but either we raise our game or drag them down to our level. The adrenaline flows when you aren’t playing mates and one actually concentrates. Brian scores a 180: the quietest ever (perhaps because Dave is away). I score 4 or 5 ton pluses. (B-4, K-3, K2 -3, JR-1) (KA)

After some idle chat re JR’s South African cycle racing we were forced to take on the captain and star player of the Waggon’s dart team at 501 singles.  As is normal we succeeded in raising our game and lowering theirs, resulting in some noteworthy wins and some generally creditable performances.  Brian got the most under-celebrated 180 ever (Dave definitely missed here), leaving JR as the last man to ‘hit the max.’, and confirming the Waggon as the ‘180 pub’.  No photographic evidence, but I believe the scores were B-4, K1-3, K2-3, JR-2.  There was a suggestion that treble points should be awarded for beating the Waggon, but this never came to fruition. (KS)

Wych Elm Pride, Cheswick 9th March 2007 The darts flew thick and fast but it was not until a double was required that they flew straight. We all had a few beers and made a lot of noise. (K2-11, B-10, D-9, M-7, K1-6) 9
Woodies Broadside, Stonehenge (some beer that looked like lager, green slimmers beer) 2nd March 2007 Here’s the weather forecast for the Woodies area: There will be fine sunny spells all day, but a belt of strong winds and heavy rain will pass through between 8.15 pm and 9.00 pm; conditions will then settle down for a few hours until the wet and windy depression returns at 11.30 pm.  Woodies was promoting a rather dubious yellow/green beer; the taste was fine but certainly had a hint of green about it.  Further research indicates that this is a prototype slimmers’ beer – it goes in like most other beers come out and comes out (!?) loaded with calories.  Some extremely average darts were played. (KS)  9
New Prince Butser 23rd February 2007 Beer, Darts, Curry. What more can you say. The turnout was impressive for K2's birthday. Fran showed the regulars how to finish with a double 8 in the final game. K2 managed 32 with x7 and x9 and K1 was MVP again. Back to normal next week I guess. (K1-7, K2-5, D-3, B-1, J-1, F-1, M-1) 8
Kellys/Waggon Bombardier 16th February 2007 Loud music and young people are good for the Kelly's but not for us so we moved on to the Waggon. By 10:30 I was cruising with 3 wins and JR had scored zero, but then the affect of the beer started to kick in and by midnight John had accumulated 6 wins and Brian and K2 had formed a dream partnership to complete the evening as joint MVP's. I may as well have gone home. Through the haze it appeared the standard of play, particularly the finishing, had again improved while I was left to practice my chalking. Brian tells me he achieved a bull finish and, fortunately for him, I have the photographic evidence to prove it. It's a pity my memory struggles to recall it. Maybe I should consider drinking shandy next week. (B-10, K2-10, K1-9, J-6, D-3)  8
Wych Elm Pride 9th February 2007 Thank goodness someone else decided to play darts for a while to restrict the damage. With a bad back hindering my play hitting the board at all presented a problem. Fortunately K2 managed to win the first 5 games and held off a late challenge from K1 to finish the evening MVP.  (K2-8, K1-7, D-3) 7
Waggon Bombardier 2nd February 2007 With three real chances of a 180, a poor mans attempt and two 72 finishes you would have though the standard was improving but alas there were numerous darts which failed to hit the board and the all time low of a score of 1 when trying to get down from 401. Brian took the MVP with consistent play through out the evening. (B-15, D-11, K-11, K2-9) 8
New Prince Butser 26th January 2007 With the dart board fully occupied for the first time in years we had to sit down and think of something interesting to discuss. Fortunately those occupying the dart board were light weights and left before closing to allow us to throw a few arrows. Sheila chose this evening to show some  form and leave me well and truly the LVP. My mum's birthday curry followed and for those sober enough to remember she even managed to make an appearance. (J-5, B-4, K1-3, S-3, D-1) 7
Woodies ? 19th January 2007 The finishing was no better than last week but at least the competition was more exciting and at one stage it looked like John a I would make a dramatic comeback before K1 put an end to our late surge. K1's heavy darts deservedly won the day. (K1-9, B-8, D-5, J-5, K2-5)  7
Waggon/Kellys Best 12th January 2007 We were disappointed to see the dart board occupied in the Waggon so hence a hyperspace to the Kellys. Here the dart board was free but surrounded by a group of young "ladies' celebrating a 21st birthday. They looked about 15 to me! Never the less the action began and despite some awful finishing Brian and I raced to a 5 nil lead. Then came the rubber tipped darts and the games went from bad to worse before we gave up and went home. (D-7, B-7, K1-3, K2-3, L-4, C-4)  6
Wych Elm Pride 5th January 2007 Whilst a second visit in a row to this excellent darts venue to help K2 recuperate from his high speed cycling crash proved pointless, as he'd found something better to do, it didn't dampen our enthusiasm. The darts contest started almost before the beer arrived and the as the standard improved it wasn't if you'd hit the double but how close you could get to its centre! The tension built as the leader of the 2007 season constantly changed and I was even inspired to a bull finish. In the end we had to agree to go stop so John could catch the late train home. (D-13, K1-13, B-11, J-8)   9

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