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Wych Elm Pride, ESB 27 December 2013

The culmination of a long season of darts; the championship playoff in front of an appreciative audience of precisely zero.  It would be a reasonable assumption that this was an event lacking atmosphere – however, that would be wrong; some decent arrers were thrown and K2 was coming on strong (121, 140 etc.) just before the end at 11.45. (KS) Singles:  K2-8, K1-6

Wych Elm Pride, Chiswick  20th December 2013

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me ‘ three Brians, two Keiths, a Glen, a Dave, a Malcolm, a Holly and a Noel’.  Excellent turnout for the last Friday before Xmas; plenty of chat and plenty of darts, where for a change Brian did not take a 10-0 lead.  More of the same for 2014. (KS) Singles:  K1-11, N-8, B-6, D-4

New Prince Seafarer   13th December  2013

One would like to blame Dave’s poor dart form on 2 weeks in smog-bound China and jet lag; however, as he came joint second he was no worse than the Keiths who had remained in Kingston – personally I blame the poor form on missing a crucial week of practice last week.  Ten games in about 2 hours – not great for the paying audience and sponsors. (KS) Doubles: B-9, K1-4, D-4, K2-3

Waggon Mixed, Ordinary, Naked Ladies       6th December 2013

Following a thrilling World Cup 2014 draw, there was a large, lively expectant crowd in the Waggon to welcome the players for an evening of live championship darts – unfortunately the large crowd invaded the pitch!  Disappointing. (KS) Singles: K1-0, K2-0, B-0,  Doubles: K1-0, K2-0, B-0, S-0

Wych Elm Chiswick (4), Pride (12.5) ESB (1)  29th November 2013

Finally a decent turnout for the Wych and another midnight (just) finish – a hat-trick of late ones to show we still have some energy left.  Nothing special with the darts – the normal mix of average and indifferent.  A solid evening of good cheer, good beer and doubles. (KS) Singles:  K1-12, B-11, K2-?, D-?

New Prince Seafarer             22nd November 2013

Another lively, enjoyable and slightly bizarre evening in the Prince with the accompaniment of a Polish? Abba tribute band.  Plenty of misbehaviour by the chalker including dancing and singing (Sheila), a selfie (Brian) and, worst of all, a bit of mild head nodding (me).  Plenty to cheer about in the darts; Dave, having taken over two hours to finish a game last week, in this week’s first game checked out with a quick one-two 64 (14, Bull), Brian did a 3-dart 113 (19,T18,D20) and Shelia stepped up with a couple of double finishes.  Apparently it was very noisy in the Waggon, and that’s without our contribution! (KS)

Willy Surrey Hills Gilt Complex, Twickenham Grandstand 15th November 2013

First a wake-up call for anyone fancying England winning the World Cup in Brazil (England 0 Chile 2) and then the evening’s serious sport and a Friday night record for perseverance.  After chalking eight games and losing eight games, often following solid scoring and numerous near misses, in the final game of the evening, including some very poor fatigued throwing, finally triumphantly with much general celebration, registering his first finish of the evening with a double-15, Dave checked out at 12.18 am!  That’s the sort of staying-power and determination the England team require. (KS) Singles: K2-8, K1-8, D-1

Waggon Black Sheep, Ordinary   8th November 2013

After a short board meeting the darts got under way with a promise of no swearing, a promise that did not last long.  It’s always good to see Sheila on the oche and this always increases the volume of rabbit and adversely affects the levels of concentration; it’s a long time since Sheila nailed a finish. As ever, a good sociable evening of rather poor darts down the Waggon. (KS) Doubles: K1-5, K2-5, B-4, D-4, S-2

Wych Elm Pride 1st November 2013

Poor turnout in the Wych again as Dave (ill) and Brian (carpet) failed to show.  No matter – the Keiths had a decent duel, although we could have used a chalker and some chalk.  Noel turned up very late to chalk (without chalk!), but by then we were pretty knackered.  Some reasonable play, including two 3-darters each and the dartsman’s nightmare – an excellent 3-darter 40 from K2, except he required 50 – he took a long while to recover from the disappointment. (KS) Singles:  K1-13, K2-6, N-3

Waggon/New Prince Mixed, Seafarer   25th October 2013

A very unusual scenario; loads of geezers queuing up to play arrers in the Waggon.  However, this is not a problem for professionals in serious training - so it’s 1 mile in the wrong direction, uphill into a headwind to secure the evening’s fix.  K2 maintained his recent unbeaten spell, and your reporter did manage a genuine three-dart score of zero – basically as Dave would say ‘too much power’.  A good raucous session in the Prince. (KS) Doubles: K1-8, K2-8, B-6, D-4

Wych Elm Pride  18th October 2013

Not a great turnout, but still a good evening.  I blame the social chatting with ‘the crowd’ for our drubbing by Noel – your reporter did not finish a game until gone 10.30, then won 4 on the bounce before dropping back to the normal standard.  Dave also managed a purple patch for about 10 minutes.  We concluded the evening with a game of doubles where I managed two fish and Dave and I were soundly thrashed – a very good excuse for going home at 11.25.  (KS) Singles:  N-10, K1-4, D-3, C-3

urbiton Racket and Fitness Club Bar / New Prince London Pride / Seafarers   11th October 2013

A return to the ‘club’ to watch Roy’s boys – all Fulham fans knew he was the man rather than dodgy Harry.  Good beer, good match (England 4 Montenegro 1) and a solid takeaway curry.  The transfer to the Prince seemed a good idea but the team was rather fatigued.  On Saturday TV I learnt that Andy ‘the Viking’ Fordham lost 15 stone in one year, but ‘with the weight went the form’.  So it’s the not the equipment or the lack of practice and concentration – we are simply all too thin to make the grade.  K2 overcame his lack of bulk deservedly to claim the evening’s prize again. (KS) Doubles: K2-5, K1-4, B-3, D-2                                         

Willy Weltons Plough the Fields, Surrey Hills Gilt Complex, Twickenham Ales Autumn Red   5th October 2013

This is indeed a strange venue – Camra local pub of the year and a number of excellent beers to confirm it, but the atmosphere is ruined by giant screens showing some obscure golf competition.  Things improved greatly when we persuaded them to put on some heavy rock music.  K2 demonstrated that one should never give up – he played through a long spell of rather wild darts to emerge as a strong finisher and the evening’s convincing champion.  Some of the early games went on for ages with a hat-trick of D1s to start the evening – scoring was not much better with a shoal of fish, royal fish and a minnow (2!) – personally I blame it on the golf. (KS) Doubles: K2-9, K1-6, B-5, D-4

Waggon Black Sheep    27th September 2013

When you’re a Shepherd, then Black Sheep has to be your tipple of choice – very tasty it was too.  K2, with excessive gesticulation learnt in Italy, managed to upset a full pint of ‘Sheep’, sending a small beer tsunami across the table taking out darts equipment, clothes and some slow-moving punters (ie me).  Amazingly Brian had another 180 a few throws after registering 3 (1, miss, 2) – we have seen this before, but it still requires some explanation.  As usual, an excellent raucous evening in the Waggon where the presence of a large noisy crowd allowed us to be very noisy without fear of reprimand. (KS) Singles: K1-11, D? K2? B-5, S-1

  Pride, Chiswick 

20th September 2013

When a player turns up with dart equipment so sophisticated that it needs special tools for assembly the other competitors must feel intimidated; actually I was expecting the darts to fall apart first throw but rather miraculously they held together for the whole evening and just occasionally went in the right direction.  A relaxed game of doubles finishing early as the players are showing the first signs of fatigue brought on by the end of summer.  The highlight?  So, Phil (the power), how do finish 143? – easy, T20, T17, D16!  But there is a much better way – T20, T20 leaving 23...and finish this off with another T20; Brian invoked the ‘special 180 rule’ successfully for the second time.  Oh, and another highlight – a win for Dave accompanied by loud celebrations and some outbreaks of Tourettes. (KS) Singles:  D-10, B-9, K1-8, K2-3

Wych Elm Pride, ESB   13th September 2013

Some new equipment to try out, but the highly inclement weather kept the competition at home.  What’s it called when only one player turns up for the big match?  The player wins by a ‘chalkover (CO)’ (KS) Singles:  K1-CO

New Prince Seafarer and something else 31st August 2013

A darts matched forced us into an unusual and unpleasant scenario – watching the Bluescum on the TV – this was mitigated by sending off, a last gasp equaliser and a loss on pens – furthermore there was a promise of trouble in the pub crowd.  The darts was largely unmemorable (not sure of the score) but fortunately the Seafarer was up to its usual standard. (KS) Doubles: K1-4, B-4, D-4or2, K2-4or2, S-2

Wych Elm Pride, ESB 23rd August 2013

A quick return to the Wych and a lack of guests to amuse the talker.  We learned from the Ashes cricket that a tedious, turgid day with little action is referred to as ‘a day for the purist’.  Our singles competition was certainly one for the purist – possibly the longest five games of 301 ever?  The switch to doubles was a good move, especially with some eccentric finishing from Dave – on 64 he called for two double 16s.....and then got them, with much noisy celebration!  Good stamina shown in lasting beyond midnight again. (KS) Singles:  D-1, K1-1, K2-1, N-1, C-1 Doubles: D-7, K1-7, N-5, K2-4, C-5

Wych Elm Pride 16th August 2013

To add to the velcroed glove, the double skid-lid, the disappearing dart and many other Friday night incidents, Dave, following a stressful day, provided a new one – ‘the case of the invisible darts’.  Following a slightly late arrival, Dave spent 10 minutes fussing around searching bags and pockets for his arrers until it was pointed out that his spears were in fact already assembled on the table in front of him!  An excellent sociable evening in the Wych with games of self-chalked singles allowing plenty of time for sitting and conversation.  Less tiring and hence able to last the pace until 12.15.  Games were won in groups of five (except me!) with Noel coming good at the end, when talk was the main focus. (KS) Singles: N-7, D-6, K2-6, K1-3

Waggon Twickenham Naked Ladies, Tribute, Ordinary 9th August 2013

General consensus was that Naked Ladies were fruity but too bitter – a change to Tribute proved to be a good move.  The objective of the evening was a friendly warm-up singles competition with general chit-chat followed, on Sheila’s arrival, by a serious game of doubles.  Keeping my powder dry for the serious competition, I decided not to register a finish during the singles warm-up! (KS) Singles warm-up: B-5, K2-3, K1-0     Doubles competition: B-0, K2-0, K1-0, S-0!

Willy Twickenham Ales? 26th July 2013

Some Usain Bolt on the TV followed by some very average darts where we managed just eleven games before retiring early at 11.30.  Brian won convincingly, but I can remember little else after a brief holiday wipes out brain cells (KS) Singles: B-9, K2-5, D-4, K1-4 ?

Wych Elm Pride. ESB   19th July 2013

An excellent evening comprising a social half with Cathy, Holly and Malcolm and a half of serious singles darts.  Dave is considering rewriting the book by Phil Taylor; ‘Classic Darts finishes’.  He chipped in with a 75 (bull,19,D3) and followed it with a 66 (D8,18,D8) - certainly two eccentric 3-darters.  Due to the earlier social period and a warm summer evening, we retained enough stamina to last out well beyond midnight, when Noel, recently re-housed, took the evening’s honours. (KS) Singles: N-7, D-5, K2-5, K1-4

New Prince Seafarer 12th July 2013

We start the evening with a great stage of the Tour de France, followed by a super day of Ashes cricket from Trent Bridge....and then we kick off the darts.  After Dave got the monkey out of the room and the elephant off his back by nailing a much-awaited finish (D16) nothing much happened.  Good quality Seafarer was drunk on a proper warm summer’s evening and we all went home early. (KS) Doubles: K1-8, B-7, D-7, K2-4

Waggon Twickenham Naked Ladies, Ordinary   5th July 2013

No show from Dave due to overdoing the sun and booze at Wimbledon – heatstroke, sunstroke, dehydration, over-hydration?   Even though we watched Andy Murray win his semi-final in the pub, it did not trigger the normal behaviour - we’ve got through the whole of Wimbledon fortnight without an outbreak of grunting, squealing and fist-pumping – disappointing!  Good to see Sheila, unfortunately restricted to commentating after a recent bike crash has affected her dart hand – very serious for a professional.  Summer has arrived and a good evening down a crowded Waggon. (KS) Singles: B-9, K1-4, K2-4

Willy Tasty Memorable Beer?  28th June 2013

A welcome return to the Willy after an unacceptably long gap – a good pub for darts and chat and a tasty beer that was so memorable I’ve forgotten it.  Nothing special with the arrers except Dave’s continuing inability to clinch a double, despite getting 1 nanometre from a bull with his first attempt. (KS)

New Prince Seafarer  21st June 2013

The evening was all about the ‘Frances’ birthday doubles darts challenge’.  Sheila warmed up with a 45 mile cycle and a 3-hour massaging session; Fran warmed up by getting up at 6am, working all day and sleeping it off on the sofa; the men’s team warmed up with a friendly game of singles, where Brian wasted a large number of good finishes and Dave kept his powder dry by narrow misses of numerous doubles.  And then the main doubles challenge got under way...... (KS) Singles: B-12, K1-2, D-0     Doubles: B-0, K1-0, D-0, S-0, F-0

New Prince Seafarer, Pride, HSB  7th June 2013

Another trip to the Prince and this time we stayed.  With everybody, except your reporter, buzzing off places on Saturday morning, there was little enthusiasm for a darts marathon, particularly when Sheila introduced a description of hanging, drawing and quartering during one game – this doesn’t help the focus.  Plenty of sitting down chatting and a well-merited win for Dave, who was not required to face the traditional late K1/K2 challenge. (KS)

New Prince/Wych Elm Seafarer, Pride  31st May 2013

Possibly the longest ever hyperspace to secure a game of arrers; the Prince had a birthday party, the Waggon appeared ‘blocked’, so finally we ended up at the Wych for a guaranteed game.  Nothing special on the darts front except reinforcement of the old adage of ‘doubles for dough’.  Dave saved the best for the last game – a 3-darter ending with D-20.  Hopefully more punters and darts at the Prince next week. (KS) Singles: K1-13, N-7, D-3

‘Son of Gunga Din’/Wych Elm Kingfisher, Pride, Chiswick 17th May 2013

Akbars ‘Son of Gunga Din’ is currently dishing up some excellent curries and there was a good turnout of punters to enjoy them.  We started off with ten for dinner; Mike and Teri left after the curry, Evan showed he had been practising his darts with some early promise and then left with Linda, the crowd (Fran and Cathy) left soon after, followed by Brian, who got fatigued at 11.30 – leaving the hardcore (K1,K2,D) to last out until a respectable midnight.  A top evening, leaving your reporter completely knackered. (KS)

Waggon Tribute, Ordinary  10th May 2013

Some excellent darts sparked by a challenge from a well-lubricated Clive.  K2 and Brian finished the first 3 games with the first dart and K2 eventually claimed a hat-trick of 3-darters.  Scoring was heavy throughout and included a 180 from Brian accompanied by the perfect vocal crescendo.  Dave played his normal trick of 50 near-misses without actually hitting the double.  So why were the darts better this evening?  The concentration was as low as normal.  Maybe the outside challenge?  We are in the comfort zone with just the four of us and need the challenge. (KS)

Willy Spring Heeled Jack, St George’s? 3rd May 2013

There cannot really be any complaints when you get two decent beers, both on sale for £2 per pint – an inexpensive evening.  The doubles provided some reasonable entertainment and, after Brian went to catch a bus, the singles allowed K2 to demonstrate his prowess as the clock approaches midnight.  However, if you’re trying to increase the number of punters in the pub, why would you play a Rolf Harris CD!?  Something strange about the Willy. (KS)

New Prince Seafarer, Red Wine  26th April 2013

Maybe the worst concentration levels and some of the worst arrows recorded in many a year.  A welcome, surprise visit by Hilary, Tensing and Hilary Junior ensured lively conversation but little action on the oche.  Who’s chalking, whose turn is it, who’s my partner? etc. etc.  Brian maintained some form in finishing, but Dave failed to register; the scoring was haphazard (even the double scores do not add up to an even number).  Never mind, it was a good evening lubricated by excellent Seafarers ale and I believe we are meeting Glen in Portsmouth next Wednesday! (KS) Doubles: B-8, K2-4,K1-4,D-4,S-1 !!!

‘Son of Gunga Din’/Wych Elm Kingfisher, Pride, Chiswick 19th April 2013

A slightly disappointing turnout for the curry celebration, but what we lacked in quantity we made up for with quality.  Great to see the return of an old favourite, curry venue unvisited in a many a year; ‘Son of Gunga Din’ served up excellent tasty fare at a reasonable price.  The pints of Kingfisher seemed to improve the quality of the post-ruby arrers from the start with some heavy scoring and quickfire finishing severely restricting the talker’s chat time.  K2 was scoring well but failing to nail the finish until the clock approached midnight when all came good – a great way to end the evening with a classic finish of 8 – 6, D1! (KS)Singles: K1-8, B-7, K2-1, N-3;   Doubles challenge: K1/K2-4, N/C-1

Waggon Tribute, Ordinary, Mixed, Red Wine 12 April 2013

About as low as concentration levels can get with conversations breaking out randomly during games and sometimes lasting a while.  With three sets of darts between five players it was quite surprising that the standard was generally reasonable.  There were some snappy finishes, including an excellent D1 from Sheila and a bull from K1, but overall Dave deserved the prize for consistency and many loudly-celebrated checkouts.  Good beer and atmosphere in the Waggon. (KS)

Wych Elm Pride, Chiswick, ESB  5th April 2013

The UK women’s dart team were guests but refused to play, preferring relaxed chat.  Phil the Power, The Crafty Cockney, Booby George et al have all done a 3-dart 170 finish, but none of them, and probably no dart player in history, has ever done a 3-dart 174 finish.  Finally, after many years, the ‘180 rule’ came into play and Brian indeed finished 174 with a 180 – there was a slight delay when the final dart hit home, but eventually this historic moment was noisily celebrated.  An excellent evening of exciting arrers and chat down the Wych. (KS) 

Wych Elm Pride  29th March 2013

The plan was always to finish the evening with some serious darts after extensive chat with Fran, Malcolm, Holly and Noel; however, this plan was ruined when the pub shut early due to Good Friday and a lack of punters.  Was anyone bovvered?  Not really – it was nice to get home by midnight! (Singles: K1-0, N-0)

New Prince / Agra Seafarer, Cobra, Red Wine           22nd March 2013

Dave returned especially from Tobago to host a birthday curry and discovered Arctic weather in March – the evening featured the highly successful curry sandwich (beer:curry:beer).  John managed the largest recorded dartboard area clearance (would all those seated in Block H7 please move quickly to Block G3) and was rewarded with the evening’s final checkout (a glorious double 11).  Sheila continued her recent tiptop form, this time focussing on high scoring and leaving the finishing to partner-selection.  Sheila was somewhat upset by barracking inspired by the excellent ‘Firewater’ – ‘Let me please introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste – WHOO, WHOO!’  The evening was so enjoyable, I cycled there twice. (KS) Doubles:B-4, S-4, K1-1, K2-1, D-1, JR-1

Waggon Tribute, Ordinary, Red Wine 15th March 2013

A noisy crowd down the Waggon, but fortunately Clive had been preserving the dartboard for us.  A quick hour of singles was followed by a doubles competition with Sheila maintaining her previous good form and chipping in with a couple of finishes.  The traditional enjoyable evening in the Waggon. (KS) Singles: K1-6, B-4, K2-3;  Doubles: B-6, K2-5, S-5, K1-4

Wych Elm ESB, Pride, Chiswick   8th March 2013

A serious singles competition and some good arrers amongst the dross.  Brian built up an early lead and felt confident enough to leave early at 11.45 – K2 found his normal late form and was catching up fast when we decided it was enough at 12.20.  The pub was worryingly empty of punters (mainly oldish geezers) but the beer and darts compensate. (KS) Singles: B-11, K1-10, K2-9, N-4

New Prince Seafarer 1st March 201

The early singles competition proved uninspiring with a couple of double-fish and a run of 7 in 9 darts (B-3,K1-3,B-1); Dave also had 30 near misses but failed to finish.  Sheila’s first two games of doubles were similarly uninspiring with one complete drubbing.....and then something clicked.  Sheila won 9 of the remaining 10 games with 6 finishes including a run of 5 on the bounce.  We also had a 65 bull finish (15, bull) and a 3-darter.  Why did this happen?  Focus, practice, drugs?  Who knows, but it was good entertainment for the crowd. (KS) Singles: B-6, D-0, K1-6;  doubles: S-9, B-6, D-5, K1-4

Wych Elm / Deia Pride, Chiswick   22nd February 2013

Oh Deia – a sudden surprising decline in the quality of food at the Dear.  Never mind – it did not interfere with a loud well-contested game of arrers.  Dave was on excellent finishing form, which raised the decibel level and John, with no practice, demonstrated that practice is a waste of time.  John/K2 took the evening’s title, well-deserved after a 6-dart finish from 250, including K2’s 3-dart 112 (T20, 18, D17?) and John’s reasonable attempt at a 160 checkout.  Maybe we should forgo the ruby and reintroduce the fish supper – you would certainly have more spondoolics in your pocket. (KS)

Waggon Tribute, Ordinary, Naked Ladies 15th February 2013

Would you risk a value beefburger in a pub called the Waggon and Horses?  The beer was tasty but all of a surprisingly similar flavour.  A large crowd of punters in the pub, so it was a real bonus when the dartboard area cleared and a 2+ hour session ensued.  Sheila, lacking the traditional dart player’s bulk, is failing to get power behind the arrers and they are lacking air and fading badly – it looked unpromising with just the one win (finished by Sheila) – then up stepped K2 with one of his famous late bursts, winning the last four games with Sheila.  An excellent evening of darts. (KS)

Willy Grandstand 8th February 2013

I suppose your average punter would not be too troubled if his darts were consistently falling short of the target, but take four engineering graduates and they are looking for a scientific explanation – maybe it’s the low temperature in the boozer (marginally warmer than outside) causing an increase in air density and a decrease in its viscosity that’s the problem – it’s difficult to focus on the game when simultaneously discussing complex technical issues.  If the dart is falling short, then just throw it a touch harder!  I’m afraid the Willy is illustrating  the reasons why punters are deserting the local boozer - a lack of company and a lack of heat – just a good tasty beer and some Bee Gees, but that is not enough. (KS)

New Prince Seafarer  1st February 2013

A bit more life about the players this week, especially when Sheila turned up and nailed a finish.  You are guaranteed a good evening in the Prince, but where have all the other punters gone?  Bring back the live music, we say. (KS)

Wych Elm Pride, Chiswick  25th January 2013

It could be the winter blues or SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or maybe the miserable weather, but the team were certainly suffering from a general fatigue.  If we had scored treble 20 for every yawn, we would’ve given Phil the Power a decent game.  To our great credit we lasted the pace until 11.50 and managed to play some reasonable arrers before we trudged our weary way home. (KS)

Waggon Tribute, Ordinary  18th January 2013

Snow and ice affecting the sporting calendar, but no problem for the darts, except Dave having to walk to the match; we lasted the pace till midnight, when we were the last few standing in the pub.  Concentration levels lower than ever, particularly with Sheila’s guest appearance, but players were kept slightly alert by a very bouncy board causing flying rebounds that often troubled the chalker – indeed, I did have my hair parted by one particularly lively flyer.  As is normal, an excellent evening in the Waggon.  Tesco burgers – low in fat, high in Shergar! (KS)

Willy Sundancer  11th January 2013

Rather lacking in atmosphere down the Willy due to a dearth of punters – however, excellent low strength tasty beer in Sundancer.  Cannot remember much about the darts except K2 finally coming good just before we packed up – at least the BDO champion managed to score a 3-dart 7 (1,T1,3) in the final, so there’s hope for us yet. (KS)

New Prince Seafarer  4th January 2013

Watching the darts on TV we discover, courtesy of Bobby George, that ‘a player plays better when he knows that he isn’t going to win’ – really Bobby?  We also discover that ‘Wolfie Adams has lost some weight and hence the power has gone out of the dart’ – I’m not so sure!  What we didn’t find out was that Wolfie couldn’t hit the double 20 because he was trying to remember a famous book by Emile Zola, whereas his conqueror, Jimmy Hendriks (yes, really) was merely trying to work out a short cycle route through the Surrey Hills.  The new league starts, with a guest appearance from Sheila, and concentration hits an all time low.  The only hope for Rio is a targeted scientific programme of blood doping – it’s time to drop this clean Corinthian image and join the professional winners.  An excellent start to the New Year in the Prince. (KS)


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