Kingston & Surbiton Pub Review 2014



Visit Date Comments  Score
Willy Doom Bar, Grandstand, Pride  19th December 2014

No darts but an excellent way to finish off another successful year of Friday night drinking with guests Michael, Pamela, Sue and Kathy joining the regulars for an evening of chat.  The guy playing the guitar (hence no arrers) was good value – towards the end he put out a heartfelt plea to support the pub; ‘Get out more, drink more beer – beer’s not just for Christmas’.  Hear, hear! (KS) 

Waggon (transfer from the Berry) Tribute, Grandstand   12th December 2014

The new way to get to the Waggon – meet at the Berry and hyperspace (again).  A good game of arrers with Brian managing a hat-trick of 3-darters.  Unfortunately your reporter, optimistically considering himself fully recovered, couldn’t face up to drinking his third pint and had to retire wisely to his sick bed. (KS) Singles interim score: B-5, D-3, K1-1– reporter retired ill

Wych Elm None 5th December 2014

Another Friday evening messed up by football!  Following a cold cycle to a desperate match K1 met K2 for a few jars in the Wych.  Warning: following the major renovation in the Wych, the number of punters has increased 10-fold, the average age has dropped by 30 years and it is no longer male-only; all good news, but it may be less easy to get on the dartboard! (KS) Football: F-0, W-5

Waggon (transfer from the Berry) Tribute, Grandstand    28th November 2014

Good to see Dave back in action.  Following a transfer from the Berry (public bar renovations) we had an excellent game of arrows in the Waggon, although Brian was finishing too quickly to allow us much chance.  A surprisingly large crowd in the pub for a change. (KS) Singles: B-10, K1-5, D-4


Doom Bar, Grandstand, Pride

21st November 2014 I have had many a football nightmare in the Willy (England World Cup penalty shootouts etc.) and I have seen many a Fulham defeat but never a win – add another one to the list with two late goals from the Bees heaping misery on the four Fulham fans present.  It was good to get some music on and play some arrers, Sam deputising for the cold-stricken Save.  All-in-all a reasonable evening, especially as I was in there for over four hours!(KS) Doubles: B-8, K1-6, K2-6, Sam-5 8
Waggon Ordinary, Mixed  14th November 2014

When you have a small team of four and one member is down with man-flu it’s important that the remaining three players turn up to the same pub; unfortunately K2 decided to scout out next week’s venue, the Willy, before realising the error of his ways.  He certainly made his mark (literally in one case) with flying bounce-outs that kept the chalker on his toes.  Some pretty solid darts otherwise with a 3-3 draw on 3-darters for B and K1.  Next week the Willy for top championship football. (KS) 2-man Singles: B-7, K1-3;  3-man Singles: K1-6, B-5, K2-3

Berry Moorhouse’s White Witch 7th November 2014

Another good evening in the Berry with an excellent ale to quaff – Moorhouse’s produces some great drinking beers.  The darts were quite good and K2 kicked off the evening with a classic 3-dart 86 (18, 18, bull).  Concentration levels do tend to drop at times; Brian made the best effort by finishing 10 by going for 10 (good to see a single finish!). (KS) Singles: B-2, K1-0, D-0;     Doubles: B-8, K2-7, K1-6, D-3

Waggon Twickenham Redhead  31st October 2014

Bit of a disaster really – the board was blocked all evening; worst thing was the blockers were probably older than us, they were there when we arrived and when we left, they maintained a fast drinking rate all evening and they were definitely noisier – we really need to step it up! (KS) Singles: K1,K2,B,D – all 0

Wych Elm / Surbiton Racket and Fitness Club Pride 24th October 2014

An unusual split venue evening with the Keiths in the Wych (from 10.30) and Dave remaining in Surbiton; Dave’s reaction to the lack of Friday darts was one of enthusiasm and relief when it really should have been one of great disappointment.  It’s not my fault they change the football to Friday evenings! Anyway, the Ks had a cycle to the match, a cycle back to the Wych, a good few beers and a darts cameo with some very blunt arrows. (KS)  Football: F-3, Ch-0,    Darts Singles: K1-2, K2-1

Wych Elm Pride, Chiswick   17th October 2014

K2’s local pub and again he is missing!  A 2-man shoot-out and revenge for Brian, getting a hat-trick from 5-7 down to win 8-7.  Does Phil the Power chalk his own score?  It’s hard work and I am convinced that the chalk is responsible for the large proportion of wild darts and flyers.  Some short spells of excellence punctuating some mediocre garbage.  Next time in the Wych will see the refurbishment complete and we are promised the retention of the dartboard. (KS) Singles: K1-7, B-8

Berry Youngs Ordinary, Naked Ladies 10th October 2014

Another good evening in the Berry, although the board was blocked for a while.  Brian was on form, making a number of 3-darters including a 101 (3,T20,D19).  The Berry continues to be a great replacement for the Prince, now apparently thriving in its upmarket dart-free mode. (KS) Doubles: B-9, D-6, K1-5, K2-4

Willy Doom Bar, Tribute, Naked Ladies, Landlord    3rd October 2014

Blimey – a whole lot of empty chairs down the Willy and about fifty of them were moved to clear the darts arena.  Everybody was showing reasonable form when concentrating – unfortunately not the whole time.  I had a bull finish, Dave netted with a double top (4 darts from 180) and Brian had an excellent 3-darter with a two minute delay between the 2nd dart and the final dart for D17 – Holsten (dog), the only spectator, showed a sudden interest in sniffing the arrers and players and had to shifted off the oche.  Good beer, good music on request, competitive log-sawing (yes really) on the big screen and a good darts arena but still a dearth of punters.  A mystery! (KS) Singles: K1-8, B-8, K2-7, D-5

Waggon Youngs Ordinary, Tribute 26th September 2014

Virtually no punters in the pub with the exception of a party in the room next door featuring an old-time karaoke (we had ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’ and ‘Oompah-pah-pah’ amoung other classics).  A role reversal in the darts with me taking a 6-0 lead with some rapid finishing (two 3-darters including 113; T12, T19, D10) and clinging on for a surprise win, despite at least four ‘fish’. (KS) Singles: K1-10, B-5

Wych Elm Pride, Chiswick  19th September 2014

A pint and a chat, a quick darts cameo and then rescued from a severe drubbing by the arrival of Holly and Malcolm; hearing about a Namibian holiday was much preferred to an arrers pasting.  A good sociable evening. (KS) Singles: K1-1, B-4

Berry Youngs Ordinary   12th September 2014

For a change we weren’t the noisiest punters in the pub – there was a general racket and some loud pool celebrations.  However, we did contribute fully with a loud celebration of Brian’s first finish with a 3-darter in the final game.  The Berry is a fine addition to the pub list and the Youngs Ordinary was very drinkable if slightly cold. (KS) Doubles: K2-9, K1-6, B-5, D-4

Wych Elm Pride, Chiswick 5th September 2014

I have read a number of darts self-help books (eg ‘Top Darts with Jocky Wilson’); suggestions for preparing for a big match include rest, drugs, fags and copious quantities of lager, but not one of the books mentioned a vigorous tennis match – Dave and Brian looked whacked before the darts match commenced.  Anyway we managed eleven slowish games, Dave racked up a run of seven winning games including last week and we had a couple of 3-darters.  The beer was good and we headed off for an early night. (KS) Doubles: K1-7, D-7, B-6, N-2

Waggon Youngs, Tribute 29th August 2014

A bull finish for Brian, a noisy hat-trick for Dave including a 3-darter and K2 finally relieves me of the newly-polished Friday Night Darts Trophy – a good evening all round.  The Waggon worryingly lacking punters – the potential gastropub rears its ugly head again – apparently the Spring Grove and Grey Horse are heading that way but...there are only so many places required for diners in Kingston!  A mystery. (KS) Doubles: K2-9, D-6, K1-5, B-4

Wych Elm

Pride, Chiswick

22nd August 2014 Where is everyone?  Paying the price for not organising a holiday!  However, still managed to get a game of darts and the beer was good. (KS) Singles: K1-5, N-4 6

Beer:  Doom Bar, Grandstand


15th August 2014

Darts back in action at the Willy with the addition of brand new furniture that Rick moves carefully himself to ensure no dart damage.  A fairly quiet game of darts with a very small crowd and for the second week running I failed to relieve myself of the newly-introduced Friday night darts trophy. (KS) Singles: K1-8, K2-4, D-4



Hogs Back England’s Glory, Youngs Ordinary

8th August 2014

A quick return to the Berry to celebrate Brian’s 1000th pub – the only landmark left is Sheila reaching 500, in about five years?  Some reasonable darts were played and I was particularly happy with the last game 90 finish (20,20,bull) to claim the newly introduced Friday night darts trophy.  Some light precipitation on the way home forcing a cycle through many streams and lakes and getting a real drenching – surely not the end of summer at the start of August? (KS) Singles: K1-4, D-3, B-2, S-coach

Petworth Arts and Darts Social Club Beer:  Dunno – no label; but good


1st August 2014

All’s great with the Petworth Arms; excellent curry, good beer, traditional music, darts, ambience, followed by accommodation and breakfast – and a 33% reduction in price from 2012!  John is turning his home venue into a fortress, constructing an unbeaten run stretching back over two years, despite being lumbered with an awful partner (me).  I can only think of one minor drawback (and maybe it isn’t) to the Petworth venue – the 100 mile, 7-hour round trip! (KS) Doubles: JR-6, K1-6, M-4, Rob-4, K2-1, Sally-1, E-1, D-1


Beer:  Wakatu (Acorn Brewery, Barnsley?) 


25th July 2014

So what the hell’s wrong with the Berry that we haven’t been going there regularly? The beer was excellent (5% apparently!) and inexpensive, the barmaid was very pleasant, the dartboard was fine and, if the dartboard happened to be busy, there’s two pool tables to keep us amused.  OK- so the music wasn’t old rock but it was pretty unobtrusive.  We were just bemoaning the lack of any excitement on the dart front when we had a glut of 3-darters (85, 89, 66 etc.) and I managed a 12-darter.  K2 maintained the good recent form to register a hat-trick.  The first visit to the Berry in decades but I somehow doubt it will be long until we return. (KS) Singles: K2-9, D-7, K1-6

Wych Elm Pride 18th July 2014

A real evening for sweating up in the paddock and consequently a good crowd in the Wych replacing lost body fluids.  K2, champion for the second week running, played the best from the start.  Your reporter got off to a flying start with a 140 first throw, but it was downhill all the way from there and I took over the Dave role of a large number of very near misses.  The standard picked up later when the beer kicked in, but the poverty of the start was demonstrated by the first four games finishing on double-1 (K2 got a hat-trick) and taking ages.  A good sweaty evening of beer and arrows. (KS) Singles: K2-10, D-5, K1-4

Waggon Young’s London, Ordinary, Mixed 11th July 2014

An excellent evening of darts with K2 demonstrating yet again that you do not need to play well at the start of the evening – you just need to select the right partner.  Dave took a while to finish, but when it happened the celebration was loud and raucous, enough to wake up the few other punters slumbering in their seats.  The lively celebration encouraged a group of foreign visitors to try out the game, as without doubt, it must be very exciting – maybe a false promise? (KS) Doubles: K2-9, K1-6, B-5, D-4

Willy Doom Bar, Black Sheep                                                                     4th July 2014

So, if the refs are under instruction that Brazil must win, why bother building the stadia?  Give them the cup and use the money on reducing poverty.  A truly awful referee contributing to an awful game (Brazil 2 Columbia 1), in stark contrast to our last visit to the Willy.  Fortunately the beer was good and the pool was considerably better than the football, although the beneficial effects of Dave’s China pool training camp appear to have worn off. (KS) Pool: K1-3, B-2, D-0

Wych Elm Pride, Chiswick  27th June 2014

A day off from the World Cup and a chance for some top-class arrows.  Unfortunately Dave and Brian had warmed up with a game of tennis and were knackered; the levels of concentration were at an all-time low; the lights in the public bar were off.  Consequently the standard was not great except some reasonable finishing, particularly from Brian.  When Dave finally nailed his finish, the celebratory noise woke up the punters in the saloon bar who added some ironic cheers.  Back to the World Cup next week. (KS) Doubles: B-9, D-3, K1-5, K2-5

Prince (of Wales) Pride  20th June 2014

Not unexpected but still a disaster – the dartboard has been replaced by a TV (there are lots of them) and the darts lights have gone, suggesting that the dartboard may not be resurrected after the World Cup.  When asked by bar staff whether I was enjoying the evening I pointed out that the lack of dartboard was adversely affecting our happiness and may well lead to a transfer to other arrow-friendly venues – we need to keep lobbying.  Another high-scoring game (Switz 2 France 5) to entertain us on a Friday.  However, Seafarer has disappeared and the bare floorboards are further negatives – will all pubs eventually be identical? (KS) No darts!

Willy   No idea, but it was good 13th June 2014

The World Cup’s under way and featuring one of the best games of recent times (Spain 1 Holland 5) – where is Manuel when you need him?  The darts were out of action as the Willy was bedecked in large flags and pennants, but no matter because pool was the game – it’s a long time since we clocked up a few games in the Kellys before the serious darts and table football; the Kellys Arms – a sad loss for the serious drinker!  Dave demonstrated that these long trips to China were not wasted, playing some good pool with some excellent black ball finishes.  The first half of Australia vs Chile wasn’t bad either. (KS) Pool: D-3, B-2, K1-0

Waggon Young’s London Gold (vinegar), Ordinary, Mixed, Tribute  6th June 2014

Seventy years on from D-day and the first real evening of summer.  A good session of darts and chat with Dave again demonstrating his ability to just miss the double on numerous occasions.  Sheila pitched up but preferred a role of commentating and coaching to participation....and now for the World Cup! (KS) Singles: K1-10, D-1, B-7

George and Dragon/Sun Inn, Dent, Cumbria  Dent Brewery: Aviator, Golden Fleece, Ramsbottom, Kamikaze;  Buxom Blonde?  30th May 2014

A memorable Friday evening in Dent, Yorkshire Dales, commenced with a quick cycle trip to Dent railway station, 4 miles away up a ludicrously steep hill – the highest mainline station in England.  It continued with a few Dent Brewery ales and some football (England 3 Peru 0).  Then some excellent grub, some more beers and a transfer (20 yards) to the Sun Inn for arrows...and to conclude the evening one of the best maxima of all time.  Just as the Sun Inn darts champion returned with his trophies to general applause, Dave nailed a 180 where all three darts were basically stuck in the same hole – magic darts! (KS) Doubles: D-2, K1-2, JR-2, K2-2, E-1, M-1

Wych Elm Pride, Chiswick  23rd May 2014

The last chance to have a game of arrers down the Wych with Manny behind the bar – unfortunately another set of dart players realised this and beat us to the board.  Will the board still be there when it reopens under new management? ....and how about the Prince (of Wales)?  Worrying times for a pro dart player. (KS) Doubles: D-0, K1-0, B-0, K2-0

Prince / Agra Cobra, Seafarer 17th May 2014

Excellent turnout for the triple birthday curry and some pretty serious dart play; again, this proved that practice makes no difference whatsoever – Evan, John and Mike played just as well (or badly?) as the regulars.  The whole evening was a great success, but was slightly marred by the news that the Prince is shutting for 3 weeks and then reopening as the Prince of Wales (or is that the Prince of Wales Tesco Local?).  Will darts still be a feature? (KS) Doubles: B-, K1-, K2-, M- , JR- ,E -,D- 

Willy Twickenham Grandstand, Fullers Brit Hop, Charles Wells DNA 9th May 2014

Better atmosphere – a good selection of beer and some good music.  The darts were also of a reasonable standard; unfortunately for the Ks, Brian was finishing the games virtually first dart and so much good scoring went to waste. (KS) Singles: B-10, K2-4, K1-2

Waggon Twickenham Spring Ale, Mixed  2nd May 2014

A classic ‘mano-a-mano’ – a match of 4 sets (3-2,2-3,3-2,3-2) with plenty of breaks for chat.  Some pretty good arrows were thrown, but the climax of the match was played out in a completely empty bar – funnily enough, as the match ended around 11.35, the punters started to flood in – just coincidence? (KS) Singles: K1-11, D-9

Akbar/Wych Elm Cobra, Pride, Chiswick  25th April 2014

Another successful birthday (K1–61) curry down the Akbar.  Quote from a Peter Ackroyd novel concerning a visit to Southwark late 18th century; ‘A wind from the south-east had brought the heady aroma of the Anchor Brewery towards them. “The south is full of smells, Mary.  But it has also been a place of pleasure.  What greater pleasure is there than beer?”’  Absolutely – unfortunately, the punters had forgotten this and the Wych was almost deserted.  Never mind – a good game of arrers, although the team lacked stamina and retired early (KS) Singles: D-1,K1-1,B-0,K2-on phone,  Doubles: D-6,K1-4,B-3,K2-1)

Prince Seafarer  18th April 2014

A fairly peaceful evening in the Prince where a number of players were suffering from Good Friday DIY; Sheila even declined the offer to play and settled comfortably into the role of commentator and critic.  The darts were of a reasonable standard but no 3-darters etc. to enliven proceedings.  We did at least take full advantage of the midnight closing (remember the bad old days when Good Friday closing was 10.30). (KS) Singles: B-5, K1-5, K2-3;   Doubles: Sheila refused to play

Waggon Charles Wells Eagle   11th April 2014

The emptiest I have ever seen the Waggon – virtually no punters visible.  However, this did not prevent us having a highly competitive game of arrers after an hour of general chat – unfortunately Dave was back to his trick of having 50 near misses.  The beer was weak, tasty and very drinkable but I cannot remember its name! (KS) Singles: B-7, K1-7, K2-6, D-2

Willy Doom Bar    4th April 2014

At one stage it was like playing darts in a cinema with the adverts booming out – unfortunately when our request for music was granted Brian’s form picked up.  Fewer punters than ever (one man and his dog), but at least Rover was interested in darts until he went to sleep.  A good darts match with reasonable quality at times but definitely more punters required. (KS) Singles:B-9, K1-7, D-6

Prince / Agra (and the Akbar) Cobra, Seafarer  28th March 2014

Excellent curry with 8 in the Agra and 2 (Mike and Teri) in the Akbar!  We did successfully rendezvous after in the Prince.  The darts room was set up nicely for a match between Captain Scott and Roald Amundsen, and for added delight we had to endure some pretty horrible music from the speaker above the board (what a temptation for a loose high dart).  However, the darts were reasonable; unfortunately K2, with borrowed darts, had developed a style with excessive spin that often prevents the dart sticking in!  The early curry is now the choice of the discerning older drinker. (KS) Doubles: B-7, K1-7, D-7, K2-3

Wych Elm Pride, ESB 21st March 2014

Few punters but still a good long evening.  It started with a general dart-sharpening session (especially K2) as I took the equipment along – now the darts stick in OK but still not in the correct place.  We woke Noel up and had a decent singles competition; it was some relief when other punters wanted a game, so we were able to sit down and discuss the possibilities in the upcoming spring cycling classics. (KS) Singles:K1-7, K2-6, N-2

Waggon Ordinary, Special, Mixed, Tribute, Grandstand  14th March 2014

‘The wife’ came out to welcome the new grandson (Finlay Thomas) to the world with a drink and a celebratory game of arrers; I tried my best to spoil everything by scoring ‘1’, a fishy type score that was repeated all evening – however, all was redeemed with a snappy D11.  The singles followed the normal pattern with Brian’s superior finishing taking the evening.  However, the evening’s undoubted highlight was K2’s 158 3-dart finish (60, 60, slight delay....60) – yet another 180 in the Waggon – ‘the home of the maximum’. (KS) Doubles: K1/F-1, K2/B-0;  Singles: B-10, K2-4, K1-2

Prince (and Waggon) Grandstand, Seafarer  7th March 2014

Just like the good old days, pre-mobile and pre-website.  Two punters (swimmers) in the Waggon and two (non-s) in the Prince – Dave and K2 actually passed each other en route.  Fortunately a few quick texts allowed us to consolidate in the Prince for the big match.  Dave picked up a classic 3-dart bull finish to match my one last week; that one meant we had everything up (100+, bull, 180) before the end of February.  Apart from that the Team looked tired allowing Brian to cruise to a comfortable win.    (KS) Doubles:B-9, K1-6, D-6, K2-5

Akbar / Wych Elm Kingfisher, Pride, Chiswick 28th February 2014

The road to Rio looking rocky for the Team.  Dave takes advantage of the mid-winter break with a trip to China for some lucrative friendlies; Brian goes on the sauce early before the game.  Consequently Dave achieves his objective of one finish and then goes home; Brian similarly builds an unassailable lead and then moves on; leaving just K1 to help K2 celebrate his birthday with some darts and drink.  An excellent evening of curry and a few post-curry gargles. (KS) Singles:B-6, K1-5, K2-3, D-1

Willy Grandstand, Landlord, Weltons 21st February 2014

A reasonable evening of singles darts down the Willy.  With the previous Willy winner Dave absent testing the air quality in China, it was down to the two Ks and B to provide some entertainment for the large crowd – at least there were still a few punters present when we left! (KS) Singles:B-7, K1-7, K2-3) 

Prince Seafarer         14th February 2014

Special mention for the two Keiths who battled the extreme meteorological conditions (light breeze, slight drizzle) to get to the pub.  Your reporter had brought the wrong darts (the depleted uranium bombers) and was forced to play with four different sets of borrowed darts, so there was no chance of a win!!  At least this proved that K2’s darts dropping out is down to the blunt darts and not the player.  Sheila showed up and, once she’d finished with some cycling politics intrigue, was focused by her coach and scored a hat-trick of wins.  A typically enjoyable evening in the Prince with a hurricane rattling the roof. (KS) Doubles:K1-9, B-6, D-3, S-3, K2-3

Willy Spitfire, Doom Bar, Grandstand 7th February 2014

Dave seemed worried about the prospect of singles in the Willy, possibly based on some previous performances, but there was no need to worry as he stormed to a win; K2 again left his sprint too late, maybe needing to sink some quick early pints.  We definitely need to employ the Olympic snowboard commentary team to enliven the arrows; ‘he’s going for a double, I can’t watch’, ‘massive, look at that!’, ‘solid’, ‘agggghhh!’ – excellent stuff.  For some reason it was disappointing that the German ski-jumper, a certain Andreas Wank, failed to podium.  It was also disappointing that when we left the pub at midnight, that side of the pub was completely empty. (KS) Singles:D-10,K1-8,K2-6

Waggon Ordinary, tasty beer that adversely affects memory?    30th January 2014

K2 plays much improved darts with the inevitable consequence; rather than winning he comes last – how does this work?  An excellent evening of arrows in the Waggon with some good finishing and a 180 from Brian – so that’s two 100+ finishes and a 180 this year and it’s still only January – just 11 months for somebody to nail a bull. (KS) Doubles: B-15, K1-9, D-9, K2-5

Wych Elm Pride, Chiswick    24th January 2014

Excellent beer and a good atmosphere – so absolutely no excuse for the really ‘flat’ game of darts; nothing much seemed to happen – a ‘match for the purist’. However, K2 turned up with some new flights and, despite a disproportionate number of bounce-outs, again comfortably took the evening’s prize – maybe sharpened darts for next week?  We did witness a dart that defied the laws of physics, bouncing out of the double 1 and sticking in the double 15 at an acute angle – go on Phil the Power, try that one!  (KS) Doubles:K1-8,K2-11, B-9, D-4

Prince Seafarer   17th January 2014

A strange evening of darts – one often waits a while for a Dave finish, but when it comes it is occasionally spectacular – try 124 (T20,T18,D5) – the celebration was so loud, the landlord rushed out from behind the bar to check what was happening.  Meanwhile, K2 was struggling with his form; the stance, the release, a lack of power, fliers, darts not sticking in, but still nailed a few finishes and ended the evening as the comfortable champion.  No crowd at all for this match – a worrying lack of punters down the Prince. (KS) Doubles:K1-, K2-9 won, B-, D-



Surrey Hills Greensand, Doom Bar  10th January 2014

Football on the big screen and 3 goals while waiting to buy a beer.  No real memory of the darts – did I win?  I remember getting a classic 65 (25,D20) and a 116 3-darter (T20,16,D20) and vaguely remember K2 claiming 7 games without a finish – but nothing much else.  Was it the beer?  Surrey Hills Greensand claims to be a ‘hop monster’ and it certainly is – not a session beer and 2 pints was enough for me.  The switch to Doom Bar was a huge taste change but all was well in the end.  Music and some punters down the Willy! (KS) Doubles:K1-, K2-7, B-, D-

Waggon Mixed, Ordinary   3rd January 2014

Happy New Year to all readers and another year of ‘Friday night drinking’ – a good title for a Bee Gees song.  To look forward to this year, we have: a world cup from Brazil, the Commonwealth Games from Glasgow, the Tour de France from Yorkshire and Friday evening championship darts from Surbiton and Kingston getting off to a great start in the Waggon, the Maracana of world darts.  Bobby George, a coach that tells it straight, states that ‘he’s scoring well and finishing – so he could win the title’.  Thanks Bobby – I’m going to concentrate on the scoring and finishing – I’m just concerned about the lack of bulk reducing the dart power. (KS) Doubles: ?


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