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Waggon TEA, Youngs London Original, Grandstand, Naked Ladies 13th March 2020

So, everyone is self-isolating in the day and going to the pub in the evening to spread their germs – the Waggon was surprisingly crowded.  Football is finished, cycling is finishing, future holidays and travel look improbable – so one is forced to talk about Covid-19.  The beer was excellent.....but will pubs still be open next week!? (KS) Doubles: K2, K1, B and M couldn’t get near the board

6th March No Action
Park Brewery Taproom / Black Orse Park Brewery Ales, Landlord 28th February 2020

K2’s birthday and an early start for him and friends at the Park Brewery Taproom before a general meet at the ‘Orse.  Sadly the backrooms in the Horse have been converted into a restaurant section (‘please wait here to be seated’) and it was no surprise to find that the dartboard has been removed.  I have been informed that the Wych Elm (Fishes) dart team have been booted out to the Willy; the dartboard is still up in the Wych but for how much longer?  Sad times for the keen dartsman.(KS) Singles: The dartboard has been removed so K1, K2, B and Glen did not have the opportunity of declining to play

Willy Weltons, Citra, ? Porter 21st February 2020

Another Friday evening of football – this week it’s Derby vs. Fulham and a satisfactory 1-1 draw.  Due to the total lack of interest in the sports bar we were treated to a private viewing in the executive lounge bar (prawn sandwich anyone?).  Some excellent beers as usual but a sad lack of punters. (KS) Singles: No interest from K1,D, K2, B and M

Waggon TEA, Youngs London Original, Cider  14th February 2020

After a long break the darts finally reappear and we have a debutante on the oche in a new father/daughter partnership, no doubt inspired by earlier enjoyment of a Who gig in Kingston.  The darts were of an average standard but unusually we lasted the pace and heard the last orders bell; a rare photo was taken to celebrate the event.  Getting home at 12.15 – excellent. (KS) Doubles: K2-3, B-3, M-1, Alice-1, K1-1, D-1

Black Orse Harveys Sussex Ale, Landlord  7th February 2020

With Dave still suffering from illness on Fridays there was little chance of the darts kicking off.  We enjoyed a few good beers and a chat with Holly on her return from USA. (KS) Singles: K1,K2,M couldn’t be bothered

31 January 2020 No Action
Willy Harveys Sussex Ale 24 January 2020

Another Friday evening of football – this week it’s QPR in the FACup and disappointment for Malcolm as the Rs are beaten by the Owls – situation normal for football in the Willy!  A few quiet beers and a chat followed the match. (KS) Singles: No interest from K1,D and M

Bricklayers, Putney (a Timothy Taylors pub) Timothy Taylors Landlord  17 January 2020

Another Friday evening ruined by Sky Sports – at least I managed a couple of jars on the way to the match. (Doubles: Not with one person)

Black Orse Harveys Sussex Ale 10 January 2020

The possibility of continuing the new year arrows was ruined by an outbreak of manful taking out two of the team.  No matter – it’s a good pub and the beer is excellent. (KS) Doubles: K1,D,M couldn’t be bothered

Waggon Naked Ladies, Youngs London Original 3 January 2020

The New Year means only one thing; PDC, BDO, Fallon Sherrock, ‘The Snakebite’ – Darts.  Out they came for the first time in many a month – although the standard was not that great (lack of practice maybe?) a good time was had by all in an excellent competition.  Excellent beer in the Waggon – did the only female in the pub realise she was the only one? (KS) Doubles: K2-5, D-3, M-3, K1-3, B-2


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