Kingston & Surbiton Pub Review 2020



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31 January 2020
Willy Harveys Sussex Ale 24 January 2020

Another Friday evening of football – this week it’s QPR in the FACup and disappointment for Malcolm as the Rs are beaten by the Owls – situation normal for football in the Willy!  A few quiet beers and a chat followed the match. (KS) Singles: No interest from K1,D and M

Bricklayers, Putney (a Timothy Taylors pub) Timothy Taylors Landlord  17 January 2020

Another Friday evening ruined by Sky Sports – at least I managed a couple of jars on the way to the match. (Doubles: Not with one person)

Black Orse Harveys Sussex Ale 10 January 2020

The possibility of continuing the new year arrows was ruined by an outbreak of manful taking out two of the team.  No matter – it’s a good pub and the beer is excellent. (KS) Doubles: K1,D,M couldn’t be bothered

Waggon Naked Ladies, Youngs London Original 3 January 2020

The New Year means only one thing; PDC, BDO, Fallon Sherrock, ‘The Snakebite’ – Darts.  Out they came for the first time in many a month – although the standard was not that great (lack of practice maybe?) a good time was had by all in an excellent competition.  Excellent beer in the Waggon – did the only female in the pub realise she was the only one? (KS) Doubles: K2-5, D-3, M-3, K1-3, B-2


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