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To get to the pub or

To check out the local cycling gossip

To fix the puncture

To buy some bike bits or

To decide what to drink or even

or go to the Society for the Preservation of Beers From the Wood and if your not sure where to go to 
To check out the nest beer festival try the willoughby

For something to read before anyone else turns up:

Why not try but don't search for a trail as its in the US.
For all the bike reviews and news try
To check if you need your coat:

Thirsty? Why not find the nearest pubs to your current location

If you have a few days holiday outstanding and fancy a challenge try

Bored? Check out all the bike calcs you ever dreamed about!

Cycling trips galore including London to Brighton

If you are going to enter the tour this year you'll need to know the dates so take a look at
or simple check the route out.
You may need to discuss the history with the other riders on the long flat stages so get the facts at

Need some new pedals try
Check out the different types of rechargables at
For more bike sites try
or follow the professionals and go to

Find out how things work at

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